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Where it happened: My girlfriend's bedroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was s ago, I had an argument with my girlfriend because she really wanted me to stay with her, but I had to go. She called me about an hour later, and told me that if she doesn’t see me in front of her face in ten minutes, she’d break up with me. I got into my car and raced back to her house. While driving, I gave her a call via my mobile and told her that I was wrong for leaving and I love her. I started to sweet talk and eventually the conversation became more and more sexual. I told her I was getting excited and asked her if tonight is the night that we give ourselves to each other. She agreed as well.

I arrived at her house and went into her bedroom. I comforted her and we started kissing passionately. I kissed her and placed my hand on her breast, rubbing and fondling it. She grabbed me by the shoulders and got up, and loosened my pants. She took them off and starts to stroke my hard, stiff penis, then placed it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue tickling up and down my penis and I was getting more and more horny. She sucked and licked and I just could not take it anymore. I took off her t-shirt and her bra, the started kissing her neck. I kissed down to her breasts as I sucked and pleased her erected nipples with my tongue. Instantaneously, I took the rest of her clothing off and her whole beautiful body is exposed in front of me.

I laid her on to her bed, and whispered in her ear how much I love her. Her face was a little red and a little embarrassed, mainly because we have never exposed completely to each other before. I put the condom on as I moved on top of her in the missionary style position, and spread her legs apart. She seemed a little uncertain and was a bit tense, but I kissed her one more time to calm her down. I moved my penis into her slit and slowly pushed in. The feeling was warm, soft and very wet. The feeling was great, however, my movement was a little awkward because I was having a bit of trouble entering completely. I pushed a bit more but still failed. She moved her buttocks further up and spread her legs a little wider, and suddenly, my penis slid in. I pushed more and more as she started to tremble in pain. I told her that it is going to be all right as I completely inserted my penis inside her.

The feeling was like nothing I have ever experienced. Her vagina was extremely tight, squeezing my penis firmly. I slowly withdrew then pushed back in, and it felt like lot of little bumps stimulating my penis. The more I moved the more I enjoyed. My girlfriend moaned louder and louder, and began to enjoy it just as much as I am. I gradually increased in speed as I pumped in and out of her vagina faster and faster. She was so wet that I would hear the glistening sound when I pulled and pushed. I became very horny, and asked her to be on top. So we changed position, with me lying on the bed, and she climbed on top of me. She guided my penis back into her pussy and sat on top of it. She started to shudder again, and I knew pain was back once more. I hold her close to me and reassured that everything is going to be fine as she sat and pushed my penis deeper and deeper, until she sat right on me. I hugged her tightly as I thrust by penis in and out, faster and faster. She was so wet that her juice just dripping down and onto my balls. I stopped pumping, and she started moving slowly on her own, riding on top of me. I kissed her and played with her breasts while she was riding on me slowly. She explained to me that she liked the missionary position more, so we changed our position back.

The feeling got better and better each time I inserted into her hot and wet vagina, and I had the feeling that I am going to cum this time. Again I started off slow then I moved faster and faster. I told her that I am about to cum as I stroked furiously. She moaned in excitement and I reached the climax, grabbed her tight into my body as I cummed. I stroked a few more times while I was still cumming, the sensation it was just incredible. I fell on top of her, we kissed and hugged each other.

My girlfriend and I are still together today, and I still love her just as much.

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