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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: mother-in-law house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

i’m just 21 when i got married with a man and he was 27. he is so understanding enough as i can say.first, when we got married, i ruined our first night.i dont know it could be that hard. our first night start as he come into our bed.i was sitting on the other side of the bed and feeling nervous. he asked me “you want the lights on?”.and i say “no”.so the switch off the light.he hug me from the back and start to kiss me.he kiss my mouth but i pushed him away.how could i do this to him!he understand me and say “go to bed, idont wanna force you doing something you dont want”. our honeymoon were canceled because of his work and i dont mind.i cant stop thinking about it.how can i be virgin when i’m already got married? what i mean is, we do kiss on bed and he touch my breast but i never ever show him my pussy and he never force me to do that.that also means that he never show me his cock too.he would have ask me “do you want to see it?”.he is gorgeous and cute and i’m lucky to owned him.not yet.i live with this guilty feeling for 5 months after we married.i also scared that maybe he’ll cheat on me and do it with another girl.but i can trust him.can i?it all starts when that night he said “let’s go on honeymoon!!”i didnt ready for the answer but idiot me, i replied “let’s go back to our mom’s house”. argh..idiot me.he just smile and say okay.i’m just an idiot.we got to his mom’s house when his mom suddenly ask “have you pregnant already?”damn!!what do i suppose to answer?but he answered it for me.”mom,she still young”.and that makes me feel more guilty.that night we kiss on bed like usual and i asked him “why did you never try to do with me?are you cheating on me?”he answered “i’m scared of hurting you” and that answered my question.”go to sleep, my dear.sweet dreams”with all my strength i whispered to him.”i want it” guess what.he smile and start to kiss me.he got above me and we kissed passionately.it’s my first time and i dont know what to do.so i just lie there and let him do everything.he kiss my neck, my breasts like usual.he ask me “are you sure?” i say “yes”.he take off my skirt and my panties and start to lick m pussy.i feel so awkward.and he drop his short and went inside me.just as i thought it would be.it feel so painful.i started screaming and maybe that scares him too.he pull out again and say “i’m sorry,it hurts?we’ll continue it next time”before he can finish he word i say to him “do it.dont mind about me” he say “i’ll do it slowly” he push his cock slowly inside me and kiss me again.he bite my lips.it ends soon after he ask me whether i want his cock but i say “no”.before we go to sleep he hugged me and whispered to me “you’ve been a good girl” and he kiss me.i always thankful to have a husband like him.i love him so much as never love anyone in my life.result from that night, i pregnant and it was a twins and today they were already 6 years old.everytime i look at them i remember that night.thanks god.

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