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Be careful the Amish girls are wild

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Amish guys house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was a hard working young man. I was in to building fast car motors with my friends. We worked on our farm all day and spent evenings in a machine shop. No girl friends, no bars, no sports . Just loud motors with serious horse power most evenings. Tractors barns and fields all day. Simple life for sure and that’s the way it was. Well some Amish families moved to our area and every now and then you saw them walking and riding their horses. Well my brother and I just finished this big block V8 and dropped it in to a pre war Willys ( old car) my dad had restored before he died. We were wanting to see it run before we gave it a real test drive at the speed way. We cranked it up and it ran like a banshee . Rolling around a turn in my sight were two girls on a Percheron (big draft horse) I crushed the brakes but we were rolling to fast and I had to ditch it or kill the horse and girls . The horse reared and we drove under the front hooves just missing the horse . We were in the field 50 yards before we stopped and I ran out of the car and the two girls looked like holly hobbies with their hoods and print dresses. The Percheron was a darling and stopped but not before stepping on the one girls ankle. The horse was a giant and the ankle was in bad shape and the girls were terrified. The hot rod was in the mud and the Amish farm was too far to cary the girl. I sat my friend with the hurt girl and the other girl I ordered to mount the Percheron and I hooked the harness to the car and in 10 minutes the car was on the hard road. I tied the Percheron to a post just off the road and loaded my friend into the back holding the little girl. I drove my mufflerless car to the Amish farm which was quite a stirr and ran in to the house with out knocking and grabbed the mother by the hand and when I came out the older brother was there and we all stuffed in the car and roared to the hospital in 10 minutes . Easy 25 minutes in a non race car. After the emergency room got the girl . I fell apart and was crying all over the Amish father saying over and over how sorry I was. The doctor asked the father in to see his daughter and the other Amish girl comforted me as I wept there in the waiting room . My friend had called my parents and they came in two cars picking up the rest of the Amish family when they arrived filling the waiting room . The older Amish spoke a Dutch but the 30 and younger spoke good English and translated. I was allowed to go in and see the girl and I told her I was so sorry. I came back the next day to the hospital and spoke to the doctor and he wasn’t allowed to talk about patients but I told him what ever it cost I will pay for the best treatment. The cost with therapy was expensive and it took me 5 years to pay the hospital back. I spent some time with the Amish girl and her family. The oldest sister Gladys had an eye on me. She was picking blackberries on my fence line when I asked her if they were sweet. She came to me and tossed one. I caught it and it was very good. So I dis-mounted the tractor and walked to her and took another berry from her basket. It is even sweeter now that you closer. Well there is not neer enough for a pie so why don’t sit here and help me eat these. Fair enough I said and we ate a few. I don’t know why but I reached over and untied her bow to her bonnett and lifted it off her head and set it in the grass. I put a berry in my lips and looked at Gladys and she kissed it from my lips. We smiled it’s nice sharing berrys with the neighbor and I walked back to my tractor. Before I got there she tackled me and kissed me like crazy . I am 21 years old and my father likes you . She kissed like she was never going to get kissed agin. The next day as I was puttering by on my tractor a big branch was in the path. So when I got off of my tractor Gladys was there with a full basket of berries . She untied her bonnet and walked to me . I smiled real big and she dropped her basket and ran. We kissed for 20 minutes. So you like me ? Am I the only boy you have kissed? Should I talk to you Dad tonight? She didn’t answer any of my questions. When I ride the old tractor I keep my wallet in my shirt pocket and Gladys unbuttoned it and took it out. She found my picture ID and counted, yes God, You are 18 thank you God. If my brother comes by and he will in ten minutes and they find us kissing . We are as good as married. No traditions no asking for my hand, no courting. My decision to get married was made on my back with Gladys sitting on me. If I put my hands on your breast like this would it settle it even more with your brother. I didn’t touch her breast but held them away .Gladys grabbed my hands and put them to her breast and said oh yes that would do it for sure. I would rather just ask your Dad for your hand like a gentleman. I would think that would be best said her brother leaning on a fence post. How long have you been there Zeb? I asked her brother . I was here when Gladys pulled the branch in the path to trap you. What shall I tell my father Zeb as he pulled his sister off me and dropped her bum first by her berry basket.? I say the the truth . If Gladys doesn’t marry me soon she might embarrass the family by tearing my clothing off. I think you would make a good brother in law. Same here said Zeb . Can you wait a week? I can but you will have to chain Gladys window and door shut or she will sneek out to find me. Put you bonnet on you not english yet. Gladys was wanting to kiss me good bye but her brother gave her the eye. I will see you in an hour Zeb let me clean up and talk to my parents. Well my whole family came over and every Amish person who could fit in the house was there when we walked in. Gladys was in a chair facing the corner. I cleared my voice and motioned for everyone to sit which was 25 chairs short of the people that were there. Sir your daughter is fair and has my attention. She is a foward woman which is not in the Amish tradition. With your permission I request your daughters hand in marrage. I am not Amish my self but i respect your traditions and if you agree to this marriage and if God gives us children I encourage that you teach these traditions to my children. It was quiet and her father stood and walked to his daughter. Who was facing the corner. You may have the hand of Gladys in marrage. Zeb the older brother said you may kiss your future husband after you kiss your father. In a week we were married that night as everyone celebrated at the Amish house Gladys Locked all the doors and the bedroom door . You will learn the power of a woman tonight. Their was no holding her back. She pulled the curtains and attacked me. What a strong woman. She pulled down my pants and said I thought they were bigger . When I broke her cherry I asked her if she wanted a bigger one she said big enough. It was 3:00 PM the next day before she let me go down stairs . I still had skin on my dick but it was wearing thin. We went to the discount mart and I bought sexy panties, two pair of shorts, a lacy bra, blouses with buttons and tight jeans with a zipper and sandles for her. Every evening was a sex marathon with her she never had enough. We did everything you ever read in this web site. Baby Zeb and Andrew quickly followed our love

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