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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

this just happend to me my first gangbang i just walked home from school mom was working nights she worked 16 hour shifts from friday to sunday it was warm that day so i had a white tant top on no bra and very short shorts push mowing our yard when this car stopped and a very huge tall fat black man got out and walked over to me i stopped mowing to see what he wanted he ask if this road went to a lake he was looking for i told him this was the last house on the streeti looked at the car and could see 5 other men in the car all black men he asked if he could use the phone to call his friend he was looking for i said if he made it fast so we went in the house the only phone was in my moms bed room i lead him to the bedroom and told him it wasby the bed to hurry i could not see the car from the room but before i knew it they all came in the driver told one of them to put the car behind the house that they was going to have some fun with me i started to run but one grabed me and threw me on the bed i started crying and begging them not to do anything to me butthey started tearing my clothes off me all 6 men was taking turns tearing my cloths off it took just a minuit before i was naked they took thier cloths off i could see thier huge long fat cocks then one grabbed me and forced me to deepthroat him he shoved everyinch down my throat he fucked my mouth for a long time then took it out then another one threw me on my back and told them to hold my leggs apart they spread them wide he got on top of me and rammed his huge fat cock all the way in me i screamed in pain it tore my pussy open he just thrust it in and out it hurt so bad he layed down on me with all his weight pushing down on me tears flowed from my eyes it was so huge in my small pussy he turned onto his side his cock still in my pussy and told one of them to fuck my ass i started to try getting up but they pinned my arms behind my back and tied them together he kept fucking me i felt one lay down behind me then i felt a huge cock going in my ass i screamed even louder and he slapped me hard across the face grabbed my breast and started bitten them they just kept taken turns with me all night they cummed in every hole my pussy was swollen from all the cum in it my throat was raw from deepthroating them over and over they left me tied to the bed my arms tied to the headboard my legs spread wide and tied it was great i hope they come back i loved being thier whore loved it when thet fucked me in the ass doggystyle and the throat at he same time cummed so much we soaked moms bed she had to get another mattress

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