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Bedford Cocksucker

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Age when it happend: 32
Where it happened: Blue Knob Pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had been going up to swim for a while at this park. I’d bring up some kind of clear booze & go out to the car once in a while to keep my buzz on & then go back to lay in the sun. When I got too hot i would jump in and swim from the deep end to the shallow then lay back down till i warmed up.

It was kind of a family place since it was free & a cheap place to take your kids. Wasn’t alot of girls that were really available yet but the lifeguard was usually cute.

I was laying there soakin in the sun when a guy & his kid set up next to me. I kind of nodded in their direction & went back to soakin up rays. The kid ran off & after a while the guy just started talking to me. Bunch of shit out of the blue. His car, wife, job whatever.

Then he said, “Man i used to get laid all the time now I’m like a damn babysitter. I mean look all around. How am I supposed to get off here?”

I looked over at him & he was staring up in the air, not even really looking at me just talking away. I was gonna just go back to tanning but mt eye crept down to his crotch where I saw it.

Here he was laying there with all these kids around & stuff hard as a rock & his cock head popping out the top of his trunks. Not a lot just part of it but enough you know. Of course that’s when he looked over at me.

I didn’t want to say anything but I couldn’t have him laying there like that with people around so I kind of pointed & said “Hey, umm”.

I was kind of at a loss for words & hoped he would just cover up & maybe roll over or something. That’s not really how he took it.

“You wanna help?”, he smiled and kind of pulled his legs up which kind of hid it from everyone else but me. I kind of looked up at him but I was ashamed cuz I had just been lookin at his cock so I looked away. For some reason the only place possible to look was back at his package. He finally slipped the shorts over his cockhead & I went back to layin there eyes closed. Trying to forget what happened.

He didn’t say anything. So I thought maybe it had passed. Problem was all I could see in my mind’s eye was his cockhead stickin out. I opened my eyes & stared straight up hoping to clear my mind but the first cloud i saw looked strangely like a man laying on his side nude. I closed my eyes again & realized I was getting hard.

I could feel my face flush I dare not look over to see if he noticed but I just knew he did. I wanted to roll over on my stomach but I was afraid he would notice that if he hadn’t already. i tried to focus on something else but i kept switching form seeing his cockhead to feeling mine get harder.

“We can go to the bathroom”, I heard him say. It was very faint. I wasn’t sure whether he has said it or it was in my mind.

I looked over at him & saw in his eyes that I would follow him. He got up & without looking back headed to the restroom. i was scared someone would see me hard & all so I grabbed my towel and slung in front of me. i thought I didn’t know what was going to happen, but i really did.

It wasn’t really a bathroom. more like a pee trough & a couple latrines. but there were doors which was what we needed. When I came in he was sitting on the pot lid down in his trunks. He didn’t look at me so much as through me.

I entered & he shut the door behind me.

Once the door was shut all hesitation left. He wanted to cum & I wanted to make him cum. He reached up & pulled the towel I had used to hide myself, bringing me to my knees. for the first time i freely accepted what was going to happen.

My mouth slipped between his legs. He slipped the elastic back revealing his meat. I could smell the pool, but it couldnt mask his manliness.

He pushed me down on him and i accepted. Things I didn’t want to know were true were & I bobbed my head as if trained from childhood. i wasn’t sure if i wanted him to come fast or make me suck forever. My mind switched from pure joy to a kind of horror.

Then the taste of precum & all questions left my mind. I was made for this. Slick and juicy his cock worked my mouth. hand pushing down making me suck at a fevered pitch. i wanted cum. wanted it now wanted it more than anything.


I bobbed a while i know. He felt it cuz he would leak and little grunts and hand on my head as he worked me.

This is taking longer than I thought.

He pushed it further down my throat and i don’t know if it was mercy or not wanting anyone to hear my little gags but the fucked my mouth slower. long and slow that cockhead i had seen by mistake was massaging my tongue.

He stood up tilting my head back so i had to look him in the eye. Then i felt it cum. He wanted to see me take it. He didn’t throw his head back & scream or moan in ecstasy like they do on movies, just pulsed in my mouth.

i was where i belonged and i thanked him for it. he sat back down and i moved as to go but he held me still kneeling in front of him, cum in my mouth and watched me. i tried to go back down on him but he held me off. i knelt very still, waiting for him. He had the use of me.

Then with a smile he stepped over me & left

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