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Where it happened: Outward bound camp
Langauge: English
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I had been looking forward to this day for a long time. Not to getting layed, non no, But to going to outward boundcamp. I had been training a lot, growing some extra muscle, brushing up on my survival skills and packed my carefully picked gear. I was going to be the best this year. My parents dropped me of at the bus site. My story bggins here. When we got to the the bus pick up point, our leaders told us our bus had had a flat and a replacement was being sent. But when the replacement got here, it was too small to ft all of the campers. ” some of yu will have to sit on eachothers laps, or squish in on a bench” Said out leader. So i went on the bus, and managed to conquer an isle seat. It appeared like i was not going to have to squish, or have someone sit on my lap, so i stretched and relaxed. But then the last camper boarded the bus. When i saw her my cock immediately sprung semi erect. She was the hottest chick i had ever laid eyer on. She had long blond hair which fell over her face and rested on her huge, firm, round tits. She was not too fat, nor too thin she was just perfect. ” Good luck finding a spot” the leader said. She walked down the isle. Suddenly she stopped by my bench nad facd my. ” I cant find any space, could i maybe sit on your lap?” She asked. It mananged to utter somethiing that sounded like yes. She put down her bag, and then planted hes smooth, curving ass on my la. emeditaly my cock sprung to its full neght. She jerked up a little, bu then slowly she turned around and smiled at me mischivously. ” She sat back down and said to me, half gigeling ” My, my arent you cocky.” I was first a little startled, but as the bus drove on, I just layed back ad enjoyed her lap dance.
It was the end of the day of camp. I had had great results for every activity we had. Now was the one had especially been looking forward to. Night game. We were going to be dropped by two’s in the woods and we had to find our own way back.I was delighted to find that I was being parnerd up with the blond girl that had made the ride up so enjoyable. I hadnt talked to her much since we arrived at camp, and I still didnt know her name.
When we got dropped of, I quickly took out my compas and decided we had to walk due east to get to camp. I didnt look or talk to her a lot since i was nervous to be with such a godess. ” So… whats your name?” I asked her.” Does it matter” She sneered as she suddenly pushed me down to the ground. I was startled and about to yell at her when she gently put one hand on my mouth and the other on my crotch. ” From the moment I felmt up little friend here on the bus, you have been all I can think of.” I was stunned at what she said. She slowly started rubbing over my crotch. ” I felt your cock against my ass already. Now i want to feel it in me.” I while she spoke she kept rubbing my penis which was growing to its full lenght. ” Fuck me boy. Fuck me hard and ill give it back to u.” She was ovetrpowering. And she took her hand of my mouth, and started to slowly take of her t-shirt, revealing her naked tits, swaying rithmically. They were even bigger that I had expected.” Are you planning to stuff me with your pants on?” She teased. I jumped up and had my shorts of in a matter of s. To my delight I saw she had dont the same, revealing her pink panty’s. ” Let me take of my…” she tried to finish the senctence but before she could I pulled of my boxers and revealed my throbbing cock. NOw it was her turn to be startled. But she quikly overcame her surprise and said ” Its even bigger that I thought. Let me just take of these and Ill give yout dick a cozy home” she said, taking of her pantys. Now i could stand it no longer, my penis was about to explod. She saw the percum starting to drip out and giggled. “My my you sure are impatient. Lets go” She tturned arounr and bant down, revealing her contracting cunt. W-That was all I needed. I Flung my hips forward and rammed my cock into her tight teen age split. I kept thrusting and thrusting. In, out, in out. The girls lay there moaning of pleasure. ” To the front, penis boy! Pop my fucking cherry. Fuck me. Do it to me.”she screamesd. I draw my penis out of her ass and pushed her ont her back. I promtly was down and pushed my penis up her tight, shaven pussy. ” Pop it!! Fuck me, you dick!” She screamed. I loved her dirty talked. I pulled back my dick and gave one powerfull shove. suddenly i felt it pop. Slowly he blood of her burst flower came dripping out of her pussy. But i didnt stop. She had had her wish, now for mine. I ramed her and ramed her until it finnaly happened. I had the biggest orgasm ever. IT squirted out without end. The moaned as the white fluid filledup the cracks in her pussy. ” I want to taste it! Let me suck your cock, I want it.” She begged. ” Well suck on this”I cried at i pulled my dripping cock out of her cum soaked pussy and ramed it down her throat. She gladly accepted the long gift and sucked it thank fully. Once again I came, and she sucked up all she could. Whe fucked and fucked unil we both were to tirred to go on, and we fell asleep in the middle of the forest. When dawn came, I woke up to the pleasant sensation of the girl sucking my schotum and suckinf on my balls. My cock imediately grew, but the pushed her and on it and said ” Not now, penis-boy. We have to go back to the camp. We got dressed and made our way to the camp.
We were last, of coure, but i still got the prize for best survivor at the end of the camp. I didnt spea to her until the day we went back home. When we got back home we got of the bus, and as she was about to walk to her car but i grabbed her arm and asked her” Wait. There is something I forgot to ask you. Some thing very important. Tit-chick,…what’s your name?”

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