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Best Choice Ever

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Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My boyfriend Josh and I had plans to sleep togethor every night of summer vacation. both our parents were gone on trips so that left both us alone at Josh’s house for the summer.For the first week, we fondled with each other. He loved to suck my nipples and for a while, I atcually had milk. It felt good, felling the milk flow from my nipple to his greedy little mouth. Once or twice, he would edge his fingers down to my pussy, and rub around. It felt good, but I usually stopped it, as we weren’t married yet. One day. around the third week, he put up a porn video and got both of us all horny. While we were watching a hot teen’s pussy being licked and sucked by her boyfriend, Josh was all for it. I agreed, as i was horny. We left the movie playing so we could see what they did, and undressed. He had had done this with his former gf’s, so he was pro. I decied to bathe first, with him in it to. He got in just as i was starting the nozzle, and kissed my neck. I turned around and kissed him back. The spray hit us as his fingers massaged my back. His fingers mover down to my butt, then around to my pussy. It felt so good, and i had to sit. The tub was full now, and he turned off the nozzle. we sat in the warm water, while he rubbed my pussy. He leaned toward me and kissed me, turning me on, and stuck his thumb in my pussy. I rested in the tub, and he stuck his thumb in and out of my pussy. after he rubbed my pussy and stuck it in a few times, i stopped him and drained the tub, then got out. He dried himself with a towel, and dried me with his tongue.we went out to his living room again and this time, the couple was fucking. on the beach. well, we lay down, and Josh kissed my nipples, and licked my skin all the way down to my bush, where he procedded to lick it. Then, his head went up, and he gently bit and sucked my nipples. I groaned from pleasure, and his fingers inserted themselved in my pussy. The other hand was rubbing my bush.i stared at his penis, and touched it. It was hard, and i gently massaged it. He groaned, and procedded to drink more deeply. soon, a load of his sperm came over my hand. When he pulled his head away from my nipple, i could still see some milk on the top, so i gathered some on my finger and tasted it. Sweet. He sucked the other nipple dry, then his fingers pushed deep into my pussy, I groaned, and arched. He licked my belly button, and his other hand pushing fingers in my ass. moaning and groaning, i moved my body in rythem with his fingers. He took them out, and started to lick my clit. it fet great. He massaged my boobs while he tongued my pussy just like the porn movie did. I groaned, and look up at me and asked if i like it. of course! i replied. He sucked on my juices and stuck his tongue as deep as he could. I almost organismed, but he took his tongue out, and started massaging with his fingers again. This time, he put 3 fingers in, then for, and then his whole hand, so he was fisting me. Finger fucking was great, fisting was awsome! after a minute, he was ready, and so was i. the tv ppl were fucking on a couch, so we moved to the couch, and copied them. He slowly stuck his hand in again, while his other hand jerked his dick. when it was hard again, he fisted me really hard and fast, then stuck his dick in with it, so it was his hand AND dick. then he did the head of the dick and his fisting for a little while, and extracted his hand, and only fucking me with the head of is dick, driving me crazy. i was moaning with pleasure, and screaming for him to just stick his dick in. he rolled it around my pussy, and then jammed the whole thing up my pussy when i could take his teasing no longer. His 12″ went straight in, and it became painful. He had a long dick, and all of it just went in me. He begane to pump his dick quickly, and i spread my legs.this made him put it in even more, so part of his balls went in too. he kept fucking me untill he climaxed, and then burst his load in me. We didn’t care about protection, we were colleged graduates about to be married anyway. But he had a big load. It felt good to have is semen seep into me, and some of it streamed out. He held his dick in for a while, then pulled out. I screamed not to stop, and he just glanced at me. The he nelt and put his fingers in my semen-filled hole and finger fucked me until he was fisting. He plkunged as much of his hand as he could get into me, and it was pretty deep. I screamed from pleasure, and he fucked me that deep. His other hand was jerking his dick again, trying to make it hard. He pulled his semen-covered hand out and started to suck part of his semen and my juices that had started oozing out. That made him hard, and when we looked at the tv, the boy was jerking off and the girl was putting a vibrator in herself, so thats was josh did. He gave me a vibrater and started jerking himself off. I stuck the toy in my pussy for most of its length, then turned it on.it went for a while, then Josh came over, whipped out the vibrator, and stuck his cock in again. I straddled his this time, and bounced, while his moved his hips in rythem to me. This came to another explosion of his semen, and I came to. Both of ups apnting, we went doggystyle, from where he pulled my ponytail and spanked me while fucking me, and it felt great. we tried almost every position, and then did anal. he must have dropped about 15 loads in me, we fucked for the whole day with out stopping fpor meals. Then, we climbed in the tub and bathed, and this time he fisted me,while fucking me, it felt great to have is fist and his dick in me at the same time, though it seemed hard for him to manage. he eventually turned to fucking me very quickly, causing me to bounce on him fast, and hard, and our thighs were slapping each other.water sloshed out of the tub, so we drained it and stood in the shower fucking. I was pressed agains the wall and he was shoving his 12″ dick up me. Once, he managed to get his ball in to, and he held it there. It was and amazing feeling. He kept trying to get as much of him in me as possible, and I was enjooying it. Soon, we were panting and deciede to take a break. But, we didn’t dress, just cleaned up and ate naked. But we couldn’t stand it and fucked eating, too. when we went to sleep, we fucked and fucked until he exploded about 5 times in me and fell asleep with his dick in me and semen still filling me up. In the morning, it was still in me, and i just started pumping on top of him. that made his dick hard, and it filled me up with his cum again before he woke up and joined. It went like that for the rest of the summer, except when he proposed to me on the beach( before we fucked there to celebrate) and when we got married( though we fucked before and after it to celebrate). After our marrige, in the middle of a good fuck, i asked Josh if he wanted a child. Why? he asked. Cuz i want one, i replied. So he said yes, and we fuck the whole day that day( now it was around september, and we now had our own apartment, our parents were happy about the marriage), him coming in me about a million times. it was like, burst after burst of his load. I was so full of it, and was happy that he like my choice. a week later i started ovulating, and so we fucked again, and to be sure that we did get a child so we wouldn’t have to wait, he exploded in me as much as possible until 5 am the next day. It became clear that i was pregnant the next few months, and he fucked me carefully, not wanting to kill the baby( paranoid husband) and we fucked right before i went into early labor( not really, early by 2 weeks) We had decided to do an unattented birth at home, and he fucked me in labor and fisted me in labor so i could feel a little better. In the bath tub, i rested, then he transported me into the small birthing pool. there, I rested a full 2 hours while he stroked my cunt and my back. So yea, After I had delivered a healthy baby boy and girl, we didn’t fuck for the longest of time( until they were 2) he still sucked on my nipples to steal some milk after the babies had their fill. By now, my boobs were big and almost bursting with milk. i lean a little downward, and droplets come out. After their second birthday, we fucked again and again. it kept going like that, and now i have 5 kids. 3 girls, 2 boys. We still fuck, and i hope you have a great relationship as i did.

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