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Best friend’s Dad

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: BEST FRIENDS HOUSE
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My best friend was a year younger then I am. I have to
admit that I had a crush on her father, and I used to try to
get close to him as often as I could. They had the only
pool in the neighborhood and when I was about 11 I used to
sit on his lap in the pool. He would always caress my legs and feel my ass
and ass through my bathing suit.

When I was over to their house I would always sit next to
him if he was sitting down. I always tried to wear dresses
and skirts when I thought he would be around, because he
seemed to love to pet my legs.

I remember laying on the family room floor on my stomach
with my friend next to me. If no one else was home her Dad
would sit on the floor between us and run his hands up both
of our skirts and feel both of our legs. His daughter
didn’t pay much attention, but I could hardly
wait for him to push my skirt up and feel my panties.

When I stayed overnight there, he would come in to say
goodnight and would linger over me with his hands up my
nightgown. After the first year he grew bold enough to feel
my crotch and run his finger up and down my wet slit.

The first time: We had been on the floor with him sitting
between us feeling our legs, when he got up and motioned to
me to be quiet and follow him upstairs. He was waiting at
the top of the stairs and took me into his arms. He kissed
me, and kissed me, finally dropping his hand to my rear and
puling my dress up. He felt my legs and ass long enough to
make my legs go weak. He picked me up and carried me into
his bedroom.

He layed me on the bed and continued to kiss me and then
started to french kiss me. My heart was pounding and his
left hand was pushing my dress up and feeling my crotch and
thighs. He had his finger in my leg band, and up inside me.
When it seemed like I could stand it no longer, he eased my
panties down, over my hips, down my legs and off.

I watched him lock the door and then turn and take his
jeans off. He left his T shirt and jockies on but pulled
his cock out the front. My mind was an absolute blank as
he laid next to me and started french kissing me again. He
felt my breasts and opened up my blouse and unsnapped my
bra. He sucked my nipples and lifted my left leg and
entered me from the side. I could feel the pressure of
his prick entering me little by little, but we were both
so wet I hardly hurt at all. He was very gentle and loving.

For two years he petted and loved me when no one was
looking. We fucked whenever we could be alone. When I was
15 they moved, and I have never seen him again. I think
about him often, and relive that first time.

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