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Best Friend’s Girlfriend

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her Basement
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My friend was dating a really sweet girl named Julie. She was a Freshman and we were Seniors. She was fun to be around, she was easy to talk to, and fun loving. We would play frisbee at the beach, go to parties together, etc. One time we went to a party in a field, it had rained the night before so it was muddy. Julie asked my to carry her piggy back to Steve’s car because she forgot something. She actually had to go to the bathroom (I found out later), but that is what we told everyone. I thought it was OK, since Steve (my friend) was helping another one of our friends who had his truck stuck in the mud. It was tempting to say or do something, but I held my composure.

Well, I started to notice her the day my friend started seeing her. She had brown hair, brown eyes, thin body and cute face. She had a sister who was our age, but she didn’t mind that my friend was dating her. She liked to wear bikinis and she looked very nice in them!

My friend told me everything they did and when they actually did it. I was sort of disappointed, but I didn’t let on. I noticed afterward they were not seeing much of each other. I was curious, but didn’t think too much of it.

One day she called me on the telephone, and asked me over to “her” beach. She lived in an area near a private beach for her and her neighbors. I was dumbfounded. I was torn between a good friend and a heart throb. I went over there saying to myself that I would not do anything (yeah right). I got there and the skies were overcast, it looked like rain. We played frisbee for a while and just sat and talked. It started to rain, so she asked me to her house.

Well, that was my first mistake. I went over and we went to the basement. I remembered the stories Steve had told me about the basement couch. We sat and talked for a while longer, and suddenly without warning she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. Our eyes met, I reached out and touched her silky smooth cheek. She looked so sexy with a button down shirt on and bikini bottoms underneath. I couldn’t resist, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. It was electrifying, all my muscles went numb.

I stopped her and said that I couldn’t do this to my friend. She told me she was not going to keep seeing him because he didn’t treat her very well. She looked deeply in my eyes again, and we began to uncontrolably kiss each other. We kissed for what seemed to be an eternity. It felt like heaven.

Soon I felt her hands begin to roam a little up the outside of my leg and under my shorts. I took this as a hint that she wanted something similar. Her legs were smooth as silk and creamy tan. Her eyes were mesmerizing to me. I reach up her shirt and placed my hands on her waist. She began to remove my shirt, so I took it off. She immediately went to work on my nipples (I realize now they are over sensitive). I slowly unbuttoned her shirt. I became a little hurried at that point (it was my first time after all).

She slowed me down and we wound up both naked on the couch. I fingered her gently and rubbed her softly. This drove us both wild. Before I knew it I was inside her. She began bucking her hips, it didn’t take me long and I was shooting my wad in her. I almost passed out from the intensity. We kissed and cuddled for a short time until she realized I was still very hard. We did it again, this time she took control. She got on top of me and rode me wildly. My penis was very sensitive at this point and I had to hold on to her to slow her down at times. It was wonderful.

Funny, she told me she was on the pill, but made my friend wear a condom. That was the only time we saw each other, I think she was experimenting with sex and different guys. I still think of her now even though I am happily married now.

I never really got swept away like that since.

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