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Best Friend’s Mom

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Her Kitchen
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

When I was in high school, my best friend also happened to
be my next door neighbor. He was just a year younger than
I was and so we hung out alot and did stuff together that
it seemed we each lived in the other’s house. Well my friend’s
mom and dad were having marital problems and everybody knew it.
She always complained about him being gone all the time.

Mrs. Jones was a fairly good looking 30 something housewife.
She was not a slut or loose from what I knew of her but I could
tell she was into sex. She liked watching love stories
and reading romances and she would talk about sex from time
to time with me. She didn’t know I was a virgin (though I
got blown quite often).

One day when I was at her house, I was getting something cold
to drink for me and my buddy who was changing upstairs. Mrs. Jones
came into the kitchen without me knowing and goosed me. Almost
had a heart attack she scared me so. Told her better be careful
what’s she’s grabbing and turned around again to get the orange
juice from out of the refrigerator. To me surprise she cupped
my balls in her hand. Schwing! Instant hard on. I turned to
her and looked into her eyes to see what she was up to. Just
some innocent flirting as far as I could tell. Well was she
in for a surprise.

Connie was wearing some loosing fitting shorts and so I stepped
up right next to her and said, “Told you to be careful.” as I
slid my right hand up her shorts. My fingers caressed her pussy
over her panties. She was majorly shocked. I put my left arm
around her and grabbed her 36C tits. She was stunned, and probably
too surprised to say anything, but her nipples got erect so I
could see them through her blouse. Her panties were starting to
get moist and so I asked her if she liked getting finger fucked
as I slipped my fingers under her panties and into her wet pussy.
All she could do was nod her head and breath hard.

After about a minute of this I stopped and just stood there in
front of her touching her breasts with both hands. I was a
little worried her son, my best friend would come down, but
I figured what the hell. “Connie, you’re going to suck my cock,”
I told her. She was saying no, but as I put my hands on her
shoulders she knelt before me. She looked up at me as I pulled
my cock out of my pants and presented it to her. Without another
word she took me in her mouth and started to suck and lick it.
Using her hands she was starting to jack me off. I watched lick
and suck and slurp. It was getting me very horny. After about five
minutes I held her head in my right and and told her I wanted her
to deep throat me and swallow my cum. She tried to back away
and shook her head, but I held her firmly and said “yes you will,”
I shot my load down her throat and boy was it a major cum. I must
have squirted 8 or 9 times in her mouth. She gagged a little but
I made her lick me clean too before I let go. She said she
could believe I made her do that and that she did it. She’s never
had any sexual relations with anyone other than her husband, even
though she rarely gets it anymore. It was also the first time
she ever swallowed cum. I said thanks, don’t mention it and basiclly
good my drink and one for my buddy and left her there.

The next week went by uneventfully until Thursday. I popped over
to my buddy’s house to go out but he and his little brother had
just left to go pick up their sister from gym class. Their dad
was working late again that day. Connie was cleaning up around their
house and said that her kids would be back in about 45 minutes.
I decided to stay and talk. She was in the upstairs bathroom and
we talked about alot of stuff except for her giving me head.

As she talked she was bending over picking up stuff and I noticed that
she wasn’t wearing any underwear beneather her shorts. Schwing!
So there was this bottle of baby oil on the counter top and I took
some and rubbed my cock with it while she was bent over putting
stuff away. “You’ve got a nice pussy Mrs. Jones.” I said as I pulled
my shorts down an little more. She just could believe I said that
out of the blue and turned to look at me while she was still bent
over. I put my oily hands on her shorts and pulled then to the
side and started rubbying her cunt. Tony, please don’t tease me
like this she said as she propped herself on the counter, bent over
infront of me. Looking at her face in the mirror I said, asked
her if she wanted me to stop teasing her. When she said yes, I
don’t think she antiicipated me sliding my virgin cock into her
dripping wet, well lubed pussy. My head rocked with the feeling
of actually fucking. Dude, it is much better than being blown
off and I’ve had probably fifty different partners sucking me

Connie and I rocked back and forth. She took the entire length
of me in the second thrust. It was great. I had to really
concentrate at not coming and had to pause a couple of times
but she came easily and I told her I wanted her to come again,
and again. As many times as she could. She would moan and
encourage me to grind deep into her or to do it harder or slowly.
Somewhere both she and I lost our shorts for better comfort.

I asked her if she fucks her husband like this alot because we
seemed to both really get into it. She said her sex life with
her husband is really boring and not that often. Usually a couple
times a month and only in the missionary position. Cool I thought,
I’m giving it her in ways she doesn’t get. Then I got a wicked

I grabbed for the baby oil and squirted some more on my dick as
we were banging away. I was majorly wet, between her pussy juices
from her two orgasims and the extra oil. Then I let some oil
drip down the crack of her ass. She Thought it felt a little
weird and even more so as I used a thumb to rub it around her anus.
She was so tuned into me baning her pussy that she had her head
resting on her arms resting on the counter.

We were grinding slowly, in and out, when I pulled out completely.
I slid it back in slowly and pushed into her pussy all the way. She
said she liked it and so I continued doing it for a couple more
times. Then one time I pulled out and repositioned my cock so
it would go up her ass. She had no clue. I held her hips tight
as I said, “Connie, I going to fuck you in the ass.” As soon as
I said “ass” the head of my shaft parted her virgin anus. She
gasped and cried, “Oh God!” as my second thrust pushed half my
rock hard, slick dick into her. She was very, very tight but
also very, very wet, due to the lube. Her head snapped up and she
looked at me in the mirror. It was awesome to watch her face as
I rammed my cock into her ass, deeper and deeper until she had
felt all of me in her. “Tony, please, you’re too big! Please,
Oh, Oh,Oh…” She tried to tell me to stop but I kept on.
Eventually I told to her tell me to “fuck her in the ass’ She
had a hard time saying it at first but I kept making her say it
and then I told her to believe it and say it.

She started screaming it, “Fuck me, Fuck my ass, God, give it to
me, Oh, Oh, Oh…shit!” It was her first time ever and she
really started getting into it. She must have come 4 or 5 times
before I rammed my cock into her ass all the way and pumped out
a major cum. We rested for minutes it seemed bent over her bathroom
counter. As I pulled out, cum dripped down her leg. Wow, it
was unbelievable.

Later that summer I stopped in to screw Connie as often as I could.
My friend never found out. I really played it cool with him and
the rest of his family. He would have shit a ton of bricks if
if found out. That’s why I kept banging his mom. The thrill
of potentially getting caught was a major turn on. Other than
these two times I just wrote about, the best fuck Connie gave me
was on her husband’s birthday after dinner. While everyone was
watching TV, Connie and I snuck into the billard room were she gave
me a blow job, and let me fuck her on the pool table and then
ass fuck her too. She said I was the best fuck she’s every had.
I don’t believe her but it was always great…

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