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Best Friend’s Mom

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well it all started out like a normal day. I rode my bike to my friends house. When I got to his house his mom was outside trying to start the lawn mower. She told me that Gary was not home and would be out of town with his dad until Sunday night. She was going to try to cut the grass so her husband would not have to rush to get it done when they got home. I told her I would start the mower for her. Once I had the mower started I figured I might as well just mow the grass for her. It was not a big deal so I did it. She told me that she would do it however I just kept going. After I finished and started to put the mower in the garage she cam out in her bathing suit and thanked me. She told me to stay and cool off in the pool with her. I told her I was plaining on riding bikes at the BMX course with Gary so I did not bring my suit. She said come inside she would get a suit that fit me. With that inside I went. She gave me a bathing suit to put on however it was alittle big in the waist. She told me Gary took his with him so it was one of her husbands old ones. I went to the bathroom to put it on. I took off my clothes and pulled up the suit. I held the front up and walked out. She started laughing and said it is big on you and stated she better fix it before it fell off. She got a saftey pin and told me to walk over to her. She pulled the front of the suit and I saw her look down at my dick. She pinned the front and said lets get in the pool now as she was getting Very Hot. I was getting a hard on and I know she noticed it. I jumped right in to hide my erection. She got in and I noticed her nipples got very hard. I said wow the pool is cold. She looked at her nips and said yeah it is glad you noticed. As I was swimming my dick started to get hard. I thought what the hell, if I get out of the pool dive in and my suit comes off it will either get me laid or she will just think it was an accident. So I went for it. It came right off and she grabbed it and tossed it out of the pool. She told me I had to go get it if I wanted it. I went up to her and got her top to start coming off. She said slow down no need to mess up her suit she would just take it off as fair is fair. I could not belive I was in a pool naked with a 38 year old lady! She was in great shape and was very pretty. We started to kiss and before I knew it she was jerking me off. She told me to sit on the edge of the pool and started to suck my dick. Then she told me to be a doll and get her towel for her. She told me to come inside so no one could see us. Once inside she changed my life. She instructed me to eat her out. She was nice and slow and showed me everything to do. Then she put me on my back and took over. She told me that I could relax and that she can no longer get pregant. She said when I feel like I am cumming to tell her and she would try to make it last longer. We did it for about 5 min. ( however it seemed like over an hour ) When I came in her she dropped over on my chest and kissed me. After about 2 min she started to suck me again. As soon as I got hard she started to fuck me like crazy. She was grinding her pussy so hard it almost hurt. Then I felt her pussy get tight and she shook some and rolled off of me. I was still hard so she told me to masterbate for her. She then told me to cum on her chest and then asked if I would mind licking her tits off then kissing her. I said I wanted to try anything and everything. Mrs R. then said lets take a shower get dressed and never tell anyone about this day as long as we live. She is still alive and so am I however It was such a great day I want it to be locked in time on the internet !! I hope she reads this one day and remembers the day she taught me how to make love to a woman.

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