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best of friends

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: friend' house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Where do I begin? I have been so fortunate to have many “first times”‘ 1st mutual j/o and bj with a bud, 1st gay sex, 1st straight sex, 1st 3some, 1st circle jerk, 1st 4some, 1st self suck, 1st orgy (8 people), 1st time in public, 1st time in the woods, 1st teim with three different women in one night, 1st time in a pool, 1st time on a plane. Guess its best to start at the beginning; the first first time (what a friend and I did when we were both 9 doesnt count cuz though we licked and sucked each others balls and cock once (and for less than a minute), we were too young to experience the true pleasure and meaning of sex).

I was 15 and my best friend was 16. It was in his house. We always hung out at his house after school. He had a finished attic (finished basements were for the adults in those days) which was up a staircase from inside his room. We would go up their and listen to music, play video games (atari back then), and do school work. Then he started getting dirty magazines and stashing them up there and we couldnt wait to get out of school to go look at them and talk about the girls in the magazine and talk like men of the world and what we would do to them.
Well, finally one time with all the looking and talking, we said to each other “this is getting me all horny” and we saw that each other had gotten super hard. We looked and each other and said “its cool if we jerk off near each other looking at the magazines even though were guys, right? Im ok with it if you are?” So, we unbuttoned our pants and pulled them and our underwear down past our knees releasing our restrained hard-ons which popped out and stood at attention immediately. We separated and took a magazine each and started working our cocks. It was difficult not to look at one another from time to time; and I certainly was watching him more often then he was watching me. What caught my attention was how big he was. Though we basically grew up together as best friends (since we were 7-8), I had only seen him naked (and him me) on a few occasions either in school locker room or coming out of the shower in the bathroom in his house when I would stay over; and maybe a couple times since we were teenagers but never had seen him hard.
He was huge. And he certainly knew how to work his monster tool. I suddenly found myself j/o to him instead of the girls in the magazine; and he realized it too. He said, “hey, your supposed to be lookin at the girls!” I said, ” I know, but damn man your cock is big, I had no idea… and, its pretty cool watchin you jack off!” “Yeah, been lookin at you too once and awhile and it is pretty hot watchin you jack off too” was his response. The next thing we know, without a word, we just slide on the floor toward each other, until we are sitting side by side with our magazines in front of us and our hands on our cocks. “Lets jack off together” I said and he was all for it. It was so hot watchin each other taking turns working our tool while the other wacthed or doing it at the same time watching each other. Then without a word and with out hesitation, I leaned over toward him and bent my head down toward his cock; and, he moved his hand away as I put my mouth around his big swollen head. I remember him not saying a word as I toungued the rim of his head and wrapped my lips and mouth around it and started working my way up and down his cock (about a third to half of the way down his shaft..thats how big…plus first time I hadnt developed the skills..ha…and my young mouth didnt stretch as far as it needed to to take his whole girth in….he was as thick as he was long). Sitting up but leaning back, he continued working his cock with his hand as I sucked and licked. I looked up at him and finally words were spoken: i said ” you like this? feel good?” “Yeah” he said “but I aint gay or nothing.” “I know; but this is cool cuz its us and its best friends taken care of each other, making each other feel good, no?” “Yeah, its cool” was his answer. “That me you gonna suck me?” I asked. “Defintely! I’ll work that nice cock of yours with my mouth” he said “after you finish me off.” Thats all I needed to hear; he was obviously into it so I contined to gobble up as much of that monster meat as I could for as long as I could until finally he pulled the human suction machine I had become off his tree-trunk like pulsing member and exploded gobs and gobs of thick cum flowing out of his mushroom head onto his belly, pubs, down the length of his cock on his balls, and on his upper legs. I couldnt help myself but get turned on more by watching him cum than the actual act of having sucked him off…though I enjoyed both immensely. Again without a word, I made my way back to his cock and started licking the cum from his head to taste it. Of course, he was super sensitive at that point and it drove him crazy so he only let me get a couple licks in; but it was enough.. igot to taste the sweet-salty creamy juice I would develop a life long craving for.
He did return the favor as I stood up while he was still sitting and presented my swollen, thick, veiny, pre-cum lubed cock to him. He immediately took into his mouth and hand and worked until he felt the pulsing of the impending explosion. He pulled it out of his mouth and squezzed it so tight I thought he was crushing it; but he was pushing me back at the saem time. So I figured he wanted to make sure I didnt come in his mouth or on his face or anything. When he let go, I was standing over him at his waist; and the cum spewed of me in 4-5 shooting squirts hitting his face, chest, arms and stomach. I remembered he laughed saying “just what I didnt want, but thats ok, pretty fuckin awesome actually” I stood there working the rest of the cum out of me dripping onto his pubs and cock; ann when drained, I stepped away, he got up, we put our pnast back on, and we went to the bathroom (separately of course,,ha) to clean up. When I left that day, we smiled knowing it was the beginning of many more jo and bj sessions…

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