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best summer ever with my cousins

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: my cousins house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

It was summer time and my parents went on vacation so I stayed at my aunt’s house. My cousin Jacqueline was 13 and was so hot my other cousin Erica was 11 she was pretty hot for her age. I was 12. One day my aunt had to go to work for the day and was about 2 hours away but was gone from 7am to 5pm and my uncle well I don’t know where he was. So that day my cousins told me they wanted to play a game. It was like hide and seek but when you found someone they would make you do one thing for them. So my cousin Erica said she would be it. So she count and started looking for us. I was hiding in Jacqueline’s room and I don’t them Erica must have found Jacqueline because when she found me Jacqueline was with her. So then they told me to go down to the basement because they want to talk about what something. I was watching TV when they told me to shut it off I did when I turn around they were completely naked. Jacqueline said to take off my clothes so I did. Then Jacqueline and Erica walked over they told me to lie down. When I did Jacqueline started giving me a blow job. And Erica made me start licking her pussy. After 5 mins or so they switched and I was licking Jacqueline’s pussy and Erica was blowing me. When I told them I was going to cum I stood up and I cummed on their faces. After that I kept licking their pussies. That night Jacqueline had her friend Amy over she was also 13. it was like 11 pm when they walked in the room I was sleeping in. all three of them Erica Jacqueline and Amy were in here they wanted to go farther. I took of my clothes and they wanted me to fuck them doggy style anal so I started with Amy while Jacqueline and Erica played with them selves after 10 mins Amy blew me she was so good doing deepthoart I cummed in her mouth and when I was hard I again I fucked them all. After that my cousins would give me blow jobs all them summer and they loved when I had my huge cook in them. Good times

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