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Where it happened: neighbor girl's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well, it was a bout five years ago. I had this very slay neighbor girl whose name was Betty. She was about five years older than me and her half brother named Jeffrey. Me and Jeff was best friends, and I spent a lots of times at his and Betty’s house, just down the street.

Now I seen Betty a lots of times without no clothes on, because she would lay out in the sun to get tannsd all over herself. And she didn’t really care if us “kids” was around when she was doing that. She had real big tits, and we boys called her “Betty Boobs”. She liked that name.

We was getting to learn what girls were all about, and talking to others at school and stuff,, and sort of caught up with Betty before she realized we were getting that mature. What gave me away was I got a big hard on one day when she came out to sunn herself, and she saw it. But she didn’t act no different to me. In fact, she just showed her ass and big ol tits and her bush a lot more than before then.

Once when I went over to see Jeff, he was gone, and Betty was laying out naked in the back yard. She asked me to come talk to her, so I did. I set right on a chair beside her, and checked her out real good. She knew I was curious, and kept rolling over and raising her legs in the air, and spreading them out, and such as that. She even layed there in front of me and held her pussy wide open with both hands. She said she liked it when the sunshine went up inside of her like that. I stayed and talked to herr like that for it seems like a hour or more, then she gets up, and asks me to come inside the house with her, so I did.

We went straight to her bedroom, and she laid down on the bed. She called me over, and said since I had watched her all afternoon, it was her time to look at me a while. So she said I should take off all my clothes and get on the bed with her, so I did.

She set up and looked at me all over, and I had a hard on right then. She reached and took it in her hand, and said it sure was a good dick. She said she wanted to be the first girl to have it inside of her.

Now we boys had talked and stuff, and seen and touched most all the girls’ pussys and asses and some lirtle tits on the more mature ones our age, but we had not yet got no pussy from any of them, so I was real excited at what betty had said to me. I told her “OK, you can be first. When do you want to do it?” She said “Right now”.

She laid on her back, and spread her legs out real wide apart, and spread out the hairs around her pussy hole. She told me to climb on her and stick it in, so I did that. It went right in, because she was real wet and slippery inside her pussy. Then she grabbed me by the butt, and held me inside her, and wrapped her legs all around me so I wouldn’t come out of her, and we bounced up and down a lot of times. Directly she went to hollering and arching up her back, and crossed her legs under me, and just about pulled my dick off with her pussy. She was holding it inside her, and I swear her pussy was sucking my dick deeper inside of her every time she arched her back. It felt real good to me.

After a long time doing this, we were tired, and just quit. She said she had three of those orgasms. I didn’t have one, and never did until I was fourteen or so, and that was with another neighbor girl.

Me and Betty did it about ten or fifteen more times, when I was in the seventh grade, and the next summer her and her family moved. Her dad was a construction worker, and he followed the work around the country.

I have no idea where she is now. I wish I did, because she had super fine tits to go with that “snapping turtle” pussy. I’d like to get a little more of “Betty Boobs.”

Mickey E.

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