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Bi sexual fun

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: a party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was a typical kid when I was in high school. I had friends, did the sports thing, and went to a lot of parties. Being a guy, I thought about sex a lot, but I never thought it would happen until I was in college. That would all change though. During Spring Break, my best-friend Alex was having a party at his house. His parents let him have the house for two days becaus he got good grades. He was excited and so was I. We advertised the party to everyone the week before. Everyone was going. I made sure to invite a girl I had my eye on. Her name was Tiffany and she was hot. She was 15, 5’4, brown hair with blond streaks, and brown eyes. She was sweet and really funny. She had that kinda laugh that every guy loved.
The party was on a Saturday. By noon, a lot of people were at the house. One of the people there was Tiffany. We began to talk and ended up being together the whole party. By six o’clock, we began getting closer. She necked me, I necked her, and she suggested that we go to a room. Of course, I didn’t decline. We went to one of the rooms and began kissing. She was so hot. I took off her shirt and began licking her nipples. She was really endowned. I teased her and made my way down her stomach. I slowly pulled down her shorts and started rubbing down her panties. I took off her panties and started pleasuring her with my finger. She was getting very moist. She loved it. As I was sticking my finger into her, I began flicking her clit with my ting. I felt her tingling. After a little of that, it was her turn to pleasure me. She went straight for my cock. I wasn’t too big then, about five inches, so it wasn’t so intimidating for her. She teased the head of my penis licking it with her tongue. I never thought it could feel this good. Then, she took it all in, sucking over and over again. After about five minutes, she decided to stop before I cummed.
With her mouth, she put a condom on me. It felt so good. I was so messed up by what she was doing to me that I let her do all the work. She got on top of me. She teased me a bit, rubbing the head of my penis on the lips of her vagina. Then, she let me enter her. She began to go up and down, up and down. I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to cum. After I cummed, she got off me and took off the condom. She started to lick the cum off my penis. This was great. We lay there and slept for a couple of hours and then went back to the party. We had fun for the rest of the night and she left at midnight. She kissed me and we agreed to call each other the next day. My sexual escapades wouldn’t be over though. I would also have my first gay experience.
I decided to sleep over and help my friend clean up. I didn’t tell him about me and Tiff, I never kiss and tell. I just told him I had fun at his party. We decided to take a swim that night. I went to my room and put on my trunks. I went back downstairs to the pool. He was already in his trunks. I never realized how atractive he was. He was 5’5 125lbs, and looked very exotic. He was tanned, had brown hair, and had green eyes. I loved his body. He was very fit because he was in soccer. He had a six pack to die for. I had always had fantansies about guys but I never thought about it until now. I pushed him into the pool and jumped in after. We began to horseplay and ended up face to face. It was really awkward. We got really quite, then he kissed me. I didn’t know what to think, but I didn’t pull back. I liked it. He stopped and confessed to me that he always had feelings for. Everything made sense to me now. He was so popular and had girls over him, but he never went out with anyone. It was because he was gay. He was ashamed and didn’t look at me. I my hand on his shoulder and confessed to him that I had feelings for him too. I kissed him, and everything began to get hot.
We got out of the pool and went to his room. I got him on the bed and got on top of him. I began kissing him and started going down. I kissed his chest and his abs. I pulled down his trunks. He had a very nice penis. I took it in my mouth and started sucking. I loved the taste. He was moaning from the pleasure. He cummed in my mouth. I loved the taste.
After he cummed, it was his turn to pleasure me. He took off my trunks. I was very erect. He put my penis in his mouth, and I loved it. He licked it all over. It didn’t take too long until I finally cummed in his mouth. We didn’t do anything else that night. I held him to my chest and we went to sleep. Alex and I are a couple now, been since the first time we had each other. Tiffany is still my friend, but nothing else happened with us. She is married.

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