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Big brother

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Sister's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I am 16 yers of age and my sister, Helene, is two years younger. She is 14.
Two days ago she had three of her friends ove for a slumber party. My Dad and Mother decided to go out for the evening, to dinner and a show, so they would not have to hear a lot of loud, silly girls.
I was goinag to go out to, with this girl Lurlene that I had been trying to get into her pants for some time and I thought she was about ready to give in, but she called that evening and said she had the flu, and she sounded really bad, so I staid hom+ and went to my room to be away from the girls.
I got on my computer and started surfing the web and droped in to some chat rooms and also read some stories on this page. Then Helen came up and invited me to share a pizza which they had ordered, so I joind them and got to know the other girls.
One of them, Marvis, had really big boobs for a girl of 14 and was kind of loud and agresive. Wilma also had nice boobs, not as big as Marvises but nice, and she was kind of quiet and kept loking at me with a loving expression and when I looked at her she would blush and smile.
The third girl, Winona, had no boobs what so ever and she was kind of nasty and sarcastic, so I paid little attenshion to her.
After the pizza I went back to my room and the computer and then around ten thirty I put my pajamas on and got ready for bed.
Next thing I new, Helene came in my room and asked me to come to her room. The girls wanted to ask me something. So I put on a robe and went there.
In her room the girls were giggling and looking embarrassed and Helene said they want to see your penus. I said what the hell? and she explained that they had been looking at an art book that had a pictur of the statue of David by Michael Angelo, the one where his penus is right out there in front in plain site. Helene said they wanted to see mine to see if the statue was realistic, and also they had never seen a real live penus and wanted to know what one looked like in the flesh.
At first I said Hell no, then Marvis said What’s the matter, is yours too small, are you ashamed of it, and I couldnt let that go by so I said all right, here it is and took of my robe and my pajamas.
Well, I don’t say I have a HUGE penus but it is pretty good sized and the girls were sort of oohing and awing at it, and Marvis said It’s much better than Davids.
And then Marvis asked Can we feel it, and well, I was getting to feel a little horny because these girls were in very skimpy pajamas, so I said Only if you let me look at you also, and let me feel you.
At first Helene said Oh no, but Marvis said Sure, what the hell, we should be friendly about this, and Wilma said I don’t have very much to see but you can look at it and feel it if you want. And Winona said count me out, but hell, she didn’t have anything to see or feel anyway.
So then Marvis and Winona took off their pajamas said Helene should too, so she did.
Then Marvis began feeling my penus and I began feeling her big boobs and I was getting a hard on and she was saying oh my god, this feels good.
So she began rubbing my penus and I reached down into her pussy and started fingering it and she started to come on my fingers and said Oh god, oh god this is so good.
Then I said You want to take this a step farther and she said Anything you want to do, big fellow. I said Just a minute and went back to my room and got the pack of condoms I had bought thinking I was going to score with Lurlene and I said You sure you want to do this and she said I’m sure, I’m sure, and little quiet Wilma said If she doesn’t want to you can do it with me, and blushed some more.
Marvis said Oh no, I get him first, come on, man, let’s do it, and you girls can watch.
So I put her down right there on my sister’s bed and I did some more fingering and then some sucking and licking and she was coming all over the place. Then I put on a condom, spread her legs and put it in her.
She had a fairly tight pussy but not impenetrateable and I worked in a couple of inches, then a couple more and then I was all he way in. She was kind of moaning and saying Oh god yes, and then I starte4d doing it with her, nice and slow and then faster and faster and she was screaming OH MY GOD, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME. Then she had a great big orgasm and I came with a big load. Then after we both finished trembling I pulled out and said Any questions?
Then that sweet little Wilma said Yes, is it my turn now? And by God, she had me fuck her there on that same bed. and she was a great fuck too. She was tighter than Marvis, but I got it in just fine and then she had a cherry to break, which Marvis hadn’t had. (I found out later that she was a virgin but had masturbated a lot.) She said a loud Ouch when I broke it but then hugged me tight and said It’s all right, I wanted you to break it. And we went on to go the route and I lasted longer with her than with Marvis and she came twice while I was doing it and then I came for a second time.
Then it was almost time for the folks to get home so I put my pajamas on and kissed both girls, and kissed Helene, and said Thank you for a wonderful night, and Wilma said Thank YOU for the most wonderful night of my life.
All the while that skinny Winona had not said a word, although I noticed her rubbing herself between her legs whenever I looked over.
Then I got back into my bed and after a while I went to sleep, exhausted but happy.
About three oclock in the morning something woke me up. It was Winona. She was sucking on my penus and she was naked. She got my penus rock stiff and then she climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy down onto my penus and dropped herself down so it went in, and she pushed herself down so it was all the way in and she said Maybe I don’t have boobs like those bitches, but I can give a hot fuck too.
And she rode me until I came once more, this time without a condom, and she came too, and said Okay, that’s what I wanted. Now go back to sleep. (Later I learned that she was on the pill and was one of the school’s pushovers)
The next morning all four girls looked fresh and wholesome and like nice, clean girls next door and when Mom and Dad
asked asked if they had had a good time they all said Oh yes, it was wonderful.
And each girl gave me a big, damp kiss before leaving.
Now I’ve got a problem. EAch of those girls has said she can’t wait to do it again with me. Helene also said she didn’t see why couldn’t enjoy the same things her friends did, because as long as we used condoms nothing bad could happen. And then just today Lurlene called to say how sorry she was to have disappointed me, and she was feeling much better now and if we could just go out again, she was sure she could make it up to me, and the tone of her voice left little dought what she meant.
So my problem is, how can I fit all this fucking into my schedule, and how long will I be able to keep it up?
I guess I just have to wait and see.

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