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big load

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: friend's place
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

i just stumbled across this website today. what a marvelous idea.

my first time happened when i reached puberty at 14. i went to my friend Burt’s house one Saturday for a visit. He wasn’t home but i was invited in by his younger sister Julie. she was 13 and very well developed with large breasts and an attractive figure. she had red hair and green eyes and was a real knockout.
Julie and i visited for awhile making small talk about school, hobbies, etc. she noticed that i was looking her up and down admiring her body and that there was a swelling in my pants. she smiled and asked, did looking at my body do that to you?
i was embarrassed, blushed and sheepishly replied, i guess so, i’m sorry. she said, don’t apologize, i always have that effect on boys. then she smiled and asked if i’d like to see more. yes! i’d really like that. she stood up, pulled her dress over her head and threw it on the floor and stood before me in just her bra and panties. wow! you’re really beautiful girl, can i take off your bra and panties to see what’s underneath? sure you can, she replied. i reached behind her back and unfastened the bra and it fell to the floor. out popped the most beautiful 36-C tits. they’re lovely, i said. glad you like them, she replied, go ahead and remove my panties too, big boy. i reached into the hem and began moving them down over her butt and down her shapely legs. as they reached her knees, she stepped out of them and kicked them across the room. her pussy was covered by a wisp of curly red hair. wow! i said, you are the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. Julie thanked me for the compliment and said, why don’t i undress you and see what you have in your pants. okay, i replied.
Julie pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor next to her clothes. my! you have a very manly chest for a boy. she next unfastened my belt and lowered the zipper on the fly. i had a massive hardon that was pushing out my shorts like a tent. she lowered my pants to my ankles and i stepped out of them. now i want to see what you have inside your shorts, she said, and lowered them to my knees. my throbbing cock bounced out and stood straight out from my body. wow! she cooed, that’s a mighty big boner for a boy.
Julie reached out and touched my manhood and it grew larger in her warm hand. i groaned a little at her touch. i can see that you like that she said, grinned and started stroking my hardon back and forth. i was groaning from the pleasure. she asked if i’d like to touch her body. sure do i replied and reached for her perky tits. they were soft and the nipples were large and stiff. feel my pussy, she purred. i reached down and rubbed my finger between her pussy lips. she moaned softly and said my fingers felt good. have you ever fucked a girl, she cooyly asked? i told her no but would really like to. that’s good as i would really like to feel your big boner inside my pussy.
Julie lay down on the floor, raised her knees and spread them apart. I could see her pink opening with glistened with moisture. comeon down big boy and put that beautiful cock inside me. i kneeled down between her legs and she reached for my boner and moved it to her opening. she spread her pussy lips with her hands and told me to push it in hard. i pushed and slid into her warm soft pussy to the hilt. now move it in and out of me and you’ll see how good it feels. i began thrusting, slow at first and faster as the pleasure increased. Julie was thrusting her hips and meeting my every thrust. your cock feels so good, please keep it up. after a few minutes of thrusting with this beautiful girl under me moaning with pleasure, my body shook and i grunted as my cum exploded into her pussy. there was so much of it that it oozed out of her pussy and flooded my cock and balls. Julie screeched and said that was quite a load for your first time and it feels so good inside me. i was exhausted but in 7th heaven from the pleasure i had just experienced. soon my climax was over, my cock went limp and slid out of her wonderful pussy. she cooed, let me clean it off for you and took my limp penis into her mouth. her warm lips closed around it and her tongue licked swiftly around the head gathering up all my cum. she looked into my eyes lovingly, gulped and swallowed it down her throat. this girl really knew how to please a guy. i moved up and craddled her gently in my arms and kissed her on the lips. i could taste mu cum in her mouth. we lay there together for several minutes then she smiled and asked how i liked fucking a girl. it was wonderful, i replied, you are some kind of woman. we both laughed and agreed to do it again sometime soon. how lucky i was to be introduced to sex by such a beautiful girl.

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