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Big storm I jumped in bed

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Home
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Big storms scare me. Mom died when I was 5. I had 4 sisters but I was afraid of storms. I would jump under covers or my sisters would hold me in the car or at school I would find them and sit in their lap. Dad raised us 5 girls and never had the one bathroom to him self for long. Two sisters were older and two were younger so daddy was a mommy and Daddy which is not easy. We had a big tub and us four younger girls all fit and we never cared if Daddy say us bare but he tried to give us privacy. One night a big storm came and I was down stairs and ran to Dads bed and jumped in while he was asleep. Daddy’s penis was touching my leg. I knew what it was but I was in his big arms and the storm was crashing. His big arm pulled me tight and we were spooning . His penis was hard and soft many times and he snored loud as he held me. I was seven I think. Then once I was looking in the key hole and I saw Dad jacking off he squirted big globs in the toilet. At nine or ten I watched my oldest sister insert her first tampon it hurt I could see it in her face. She wanted to go swimming on her period. All us younger girls that were in the bath room started looking at our vaginas in the mirror after she left. Daddy had a date at the house the lady was beautiful and sexy and they and we girls danced to misic in the dinning room. She left and a big storm came at 10:00 or so As Dad was just in bed. It was summer and dad was wearing boxers and I a short nite top and panties. He wanted to talk about the lady and I just wanted him to hold me. I woke up and Daddy’s hand was in my panties and his big hairy middle finger was up pushing in my vagina and it hurt. Don’t I put my hands down to stop him. It was too late he pushed in my cherry and his finger was deep. I cried out loud but the storm raged and his finger kept working me and soon I was emotional with sexual feelings. I almost came but he stopped. His finger still in me I lay there for hours listening to Daddy sleep. Arround 3:00 I felt him wake and get tense. He jumped out of bed turned on the light and looked at his finger he just pulled out of me. He pulled back the sheets and saw the blood on my panties. He was destroyed . I shushed him . You thought I was the lady. I’m fine Daddy. He washed his hand and drove away . I washed up and washed out my panties. The blood had dried and it didn’t come out. He locked his door every nite from then on. When I was 13 a boy named Billy walked to our farm to pitch hay and clean the barn every day. He wasn’t allowed in the house and was curious about girls. My younger sister was showing off walking a wood fence and fell and smashed her privates and lay bawling with both her hands down there. I saw it happen but I was on the far hillside. So I ran to her it took quite a few minutes and I couldn’t see her when I was in the valley crossing the creek. When I got there her skirt was up and panties were off and Billy had a bag of frozen Lima beans on her pussy holding it . She took a hard landing said Billy. I looked and she was bruised bad. With all shyness gone in this situation my eleven year old sister asked me if saw blood. Just a little I said . Did I loose my cherry? I didn’t look. Billy took off the frozen beans and I looked with Billy over my arm . Yea it broke ! I see it said Billy . Your still a Virgin don’t let any one say your not or I’ll fight em. Billy married my sister years later. Well I grew up at 13 and at my 14 year old party this 19 year old boy was my present from my sisters. Dad was on a drive to town (all day) So my sisters called a holliday for me. My second oldest sister had this young hunk named Vincent in her truck. He was only wearing cut off shorts and a cow boy hat. He was complete with a box of cake mix and birthday candles. He made the best cake I ever tasted and he was lots of fun. We played music and we line danced and he read a nite time story to all of us but mostly my youngest sister. He carried her to bed and kissed her . She shouted from her room look out he is a real good kisser. My two older sisters kissed him and giggled and went to their bed room. So you three are virgins are you. We all nodded and he was so sexy with his big chest and strong muscles and wavy sandy blond hair. I un buttoned a button on his shirt and couldn’t keep my hands off of him. My sisters were almost in his lap. Vincent was the most popular guy in the county. He was paid for romance and he had a good track record and knew his trade. He huddled us together and laid down the rules. No hard ball squeezing, no biting, no hair pulling, one at a time, I say when I’m done. No sores, no rashes, ten minutes guarnteed each girl or free. My pussy got wet as he just talked. Virgins only no condoms. Wait no glove no love my sister said. Vincent pulled out two papers one with a notary stamp. From two doctors. No STD’s and he had a vasectomy. Now I’m really hot and chomping at the bit. I stood up and I was so excited. Me too said Vincent three tender pussys in one night, I don’t have a cherry any more I fell on a fence. I was there she fell hard and it blew her cherry out. Me neither Daddy popped me in his sleep. My sisters gasped . It was a thunder storm. My sisters came out of their room up stairs. He did when? When he had that lady over. It was only his finger he was dreaming . Ok your mostly a virgin. My sister the real shy one says real quiet . My cherry is ready for you can I go first. It’s my birthday tomorrow I’m first. Ok said Vincent the best kisser goes first. That’s not fair I never kissed any one. I said. We three kissed him and my sisters watched from up stairs over the hand rail. Four times we kissed him and he chose my sister who fell on the fence. They kissed and he was rubbing her hair then breast then her crotch we watched her close her eyes lie back and her panties got real wet. He pulled down her wet panties and asked are you ready and he looked in her eyes. You don’t have to . This is great but I want Billy to be my first. That’s fine and she breathed a sigh of relief and kissed Vincent and put her top back on. Who is next I went to my sister you go first . Thanks you shure you want me to. Well no I want him now . But I’m so selfish and you are always so nice to me. Besides you need a hard fuck. Hay girls first time is easy and nice no hard fucks . She will be so tender maybe for an hour maybe till tomorrow. Same thing he stroked her hair tasted her breast. And rubbed her crotch he pulled her panties down and she placed his finger on her lips and said rub only I’m afraid. She was still dry. Relax and let go she was tense and shaking. Ok let’s dance so she danced and started to relax. She took his shirt off and they danced slow. Sit on the couch and pull my cut off jeans down. He was amazing she looked him over real good. It’s pretty long isn’t it. It’s not to fat I’m not scared any more. She put it in her mouth. Then he covered her with kisses he pulled her pussy lips with his mouth she was ready. With both hands he seperated her and said there you are you innocent tender cherry . He kissed her cherry with his penis head and he rolled it around her vulva and clit for a long time not pushing she moaned in pleasure only twice in ten minutes did he pressure her puss at all . She is opening on her own she wants me. He went round and round in circles . Go in me, go in me please. Your not ready who is in charge said vince. Your not in pain and your not bleeding and soon you will have all of me. Fifteen minutes she was screaming fuck me please. Now your big enough and no pain I am a pro. You do realize it will take a little bit to handle the lenght . He went in and she sat up . Go back ! As she held her breath. Your right go in slow. In a few thrust she just held him. Better now much better. God this is so good. And he came in her and we watched their faces. He pulled out and I sat and looked at her pussy no blood and a drop of cum rolling out. I ran and said me next. Give me some time that was some control to not pop her but widen her she will be a good tight pussy till some cowboy rams her dry with a fat dick. My turn I was soaked and dripping before he started. You are so fertil if I was loaded you be pregnant tonight. I’m sorry your gonna tear cause you are half torn now. He rolled around with his dick and just pushed a little and I gave way and he was in. There was a lot of blood he was so long and it felt so good. He was getting tired. Come in me I said . Maybe I can’t it’s harder the second time. He said I’m finished and didn’t cum.
Well that’s my story of my first finger and first time. Hope you like it.

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