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big tited bitch

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Where it happened: school
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

about s ago when i was doing my GCSE i meat this girl named becky she was the same age as me.well i had a lot of classes with becky and we got on really well you could almost say we were best friends. let me explain what this girl looked like she was about 5ft 4 slim with best looking arse i have ever seen long blonde hair and the biggest pair of tits ever they were aboutj a 34EE they were huge. any way one day when i was around her house she went off to have a shower before we went out i was in her room and i could not help my self from looking through her stuff as i was looking through i came across this 10inch dildo and porn mags. so i started to read the mags then she walked in the room i dont know who was more imbarresed me or her. nothing was said after that. the next day at school i saw her by the toilets and i stated talking and asked her if the porn mags turned her on she said not as much as the real thing the bell rang for class and she told me o meet her there in 10mins. after 10mins of maths i was ready to leave any how i excussed my self from the room and went to the toilets and there she was waiting for me. with out saying a word she pulled me into the girls toilets and started kissing me i was really turned on all 8inches stood to atention. she pushed me into a cubical and pulled down my jeans and boxers she took my full lengh in her mouth she was not a virgin. after about 5 to 10 minutes i soot my load all in her mouth she took it all. she hen told me that she wanted to be fucked i had no problem with that. i bent her over the toilet pulled up her skirt and pulled her wet panties to one side and slamed my cock deep into her the sensation was incredible. she was moaning with pleasure she climaxed two or three times i was still going. then she asked me to fuck her up the arse i could’nt wait. i went slow to start with as i thought it would be tight but to my suprisw it was’nt she then told me that was what the dildo was for after about 15minutes i was about to cum wit that she told me to pull out witch i did she then removed her blouse and bra and let her hugh tits fall out she put my dick between her tits and gave me a wonderfull tit job i came all over her face and tits. we had missed all of our leasons so we went home and shag all night long. that was the best day of my life and hers i think. she no longer needs her dildo as i give her all the pleasure she needs. thanks becks love you

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