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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: River
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was raised in West Virginia, about as far off in the back woods as folk could be. Our closest neighbors were three miles away, and it took us an hour by bus to get to school.
The summers were hell. There weren’t any other kids around our age, so most of the time we just amused ourselves.

I had a sister a year older than myself as well as several younger brothers and sisters. My sister was okay most of the time, but she was my ma’s favorite child and sometimes she was a real bitch and would really get me into trouble.

Sex was not something which was an issue between us. I’d seen her getting dressed, a couple of times stark naked, and maybe she caught me getting my clothes on or off a couple of times as well, but that was all there was to it; at least until Mary-Lou, our first cousin from Baltimore came to stay with us.

Both Becky, my sister, and I were virgins when Mary-Lou arrived. That summer Becky was 15, I was 14, and Mary-Lou was 17. She had gotten into all sorts of trouble back home and her parents didn’t want her hanging out with all her friends during the summer holidays, so they sent her to our place where there wasn’t any way she could get away.

It was interesting. When she first arrived you could tell that she was really pissed off. She hated where we lived and let us all know it! By the second week she was getting along okay with my sister, but she hated me and made sure that I knew it!

About two weeks into her being there I had gone down to the swimming hole, about a mile walk through the woods at the back of our place. It was quiet there, and it was great to be away from them. Well, my peace was soon to be shattered, for then it was that my sister and my cousin arrived. They were going for a swim, and it was like they didn’t even realize I was there – at least at first!

I saw them not far from me, whispering to each other, and then suddenly they were trying to be friends with me. I kind of went along with it, and the next thing was that we were having fun out there in the water, diving off the rock, and having races to see who was the fastest swimmer and all of that stuff.

Finally, exhausted, we lay on the bank and were enjoying the sun. I was half asleep, and then suddenly they pounced on me, and were giggling and laughing as Mary-Lou held me down while my sister pulled my swim-shorts off. I was yelling at her, at both of them, and then my sister got them off and ran off into the trees and hid them!

Finally I got free, and ran off into the bushes to try to find them, but I couldn’t! I was cussing them, but they were laughing, and finally I gave up and dived into the water. To hell with them! I’d tell my pa when he got home! Then they’d both be in trouble!

Fairly soon they were back in the water, swimming with me, making fun of my naked butt. I didn’t care! I was gonna tell my pa anyway! Then there’d be real trouble, especially for my sister! The next thing that I realize though is that they too are naked, and now the three of us are all skinny-dipping! This, I didn’t mind. I was fascinated by their tits!

Finally we all ended up out of the water, lying down again on the bank – all of us naked. Mary-Lou starts talking dirty, about some of the guys she’s been fucking back in Baltimore. One of them is married, and he’s almost twenty years older than she is. She babysits their kids, and the guys wife doesn’t have a clue! He fucks her every time he drives her home, in the cemetery of all places. She brags about the size of his cock, and I look down at mine, all shriveled up from the cold water! I reckon she must think I’m some kind of a nerd. Mine has a foreskin, and she admits she’s never seen one with a foreskin on it before. It fascinates her, and she starts making fun of it, but then she wants to touch it! I let her, and she pulls back the foreskin a bit to look at the head, the top of it just poking it’s head out a little. She starts playing with it some more, rubbing the skin against the firemans helmet on the top of the thing; and then it starts getting hard, and the red firemans helmet starts coming out by itself.

My sister is watching all of this, and she is giggling, just like Mary-Lou is. I’m getting embarrassed, so I pull her hand away and stop her and I get up and jump back into the water! They just lay there, watching me, calling out to me, telling me I’m a chicken. I tell them they wouldn’t let me play with them like that, and then my sister yells out that they didn’t stop me. “It wasn’t our fault you never tried!”

I got back out of the water, and as I walked up the bank Lucy-Mae opens up her legs and with her hands she holds the lips of her pussy apart and as I look at the small opening she teases me with it and asks if I want to ‘warm up my little willy?’ Instantly, when she says it, my ‘willy’ starts getting stiff, and by the time I sit down with them my willy has its head all the way out and it’s as stiff as I had ever seen it. She turns herself toward me, her legs still quite apart and her fingers still holding the pussy lips open. She doesn’t say a thing! She doesn’t have to.

I get up and I’m on my knees, the ‘willy’ in my hand and being directed in between the pussy lips and against the hole. She lies back, and I feel her pushing up against me with her hips, and I push, and it goes in!

Her legs wrap around behind my butt. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten fucked, and I’m just a pumpin like a crazy man as I feel her pussy muscles squeezing onto the stiff willy inside her. I feel like I’m going to cum, but then I can’t. I’ve never cum in public before, and my sister is right there, her eyes intently watching my red shaft going in and out of her cousin. It takes me twenty minutes, and I wonder if I’ll ever get the thing to cum; but then Lucy-Mae starts squealing and she’s puffing like a locomotive, and I’m just fucking her like there ain’t no tomorrow.

Suddenly all hell breaks loose, and she’s yelling at me, calling me all sorts of names, and her pussy is just a squeezing on me like she’s going to strangle me inside of her! I cum! I cum like I have never cum in all my life before, and I know that she is too! She’s just a pumping on me like she’s crazy, like she’s a damned milking machine as she’s just a suckin all the milk that she can get out of the willy!

In a moment it’s all over. She’s telling me now that I’m the best fuck she’s ever had, and she’s even telling my sister how fantastic I was!

We swim some more, and we play around and chase each other. The three of us are all still naked, and the way things go I can tell that Becky is wanting to be fucked as well! She keeps suggesting things, rubbing her pussy against me every chance she gets, and grabbing on my cock as often as she can get away with. I wrestle with her, and I have her pinned to the ground while Lucy-Mae is trying to pull me off her, and now my ‘willy’ is stiff again and I’m pushing it between Becky’s pussy lips, just like I did with Lucy-Mae. It’s like there isn’t any thought that she’s my sister! She’s not fighting me any more. She’s just lying there, watching me; and Lucy-Mae has realized what I’m doing, and I can feel her hand slip under my butt and she starts playing with my balls as I’m trying to get the ‘willy’ into Becky.

Suddenly Becky gasps! The ‘willy’ goes right into her, and we’re fucking, just like with Mary-Lou a couple of hours ago. Finally we’re finished, and as I take it out of Becky and see the smudge of blood on the shaft I start to realize what I’ve done, and I’m feeling really bad! She’s my sister, I think to myself, and I feel so bad I don’t know what to do?

We walk home. My parents comment that night how well the three of us seem to be getting along now. Lucy-Mae tells them she likes it here. They are really surprised! They think it’s a good thing that Mary-Lou has come to stay.

With the exception of those few days a month when a girl is out of commission Mary-Lou and I fucked almost every day that she stayed with us that summer, but it took three weeks before Becky and I did it again. It was better the second time and though I never said anything to Mary-Lou I enjoyed fucking Becky more than I did her. Somehow we seemed to fit together better, and when we’d fuck she’d let me take my time and do it to her properly without all the squealing and the humping Mary-Lou would always do as she would take control of the situation. One night after Mary-Lou had gone back to Baltimore and while our parents were away overnight for a funeral Becky and I got in their bed and fucked each other for three hours before we got done! She was great! She never rushed or squealed or got stupid! She just liked to be fucked once in a while, and take her time and enjoy it.

I have never seen Mary-Lou since that summer, but I understand from what my parents used to say to each other that she became a prostitute and was working in Nevada somewhere on a ‘chicken’ ranch.

Becky married a fellow from Arkansas, a second cousin of ours who got her pregnant when she was eighteen. She has herself three kids now, and though I don’t get to see her as often as I used to back then we still get the chance to fuck each other once or twice each year. It’s kind of fun and kind of crazy, and I know my wife would kill me if she ever found out; but Becky was the only one whose virginity I took and I still figure she’s the best fuck I’ve ever had!

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