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Billy & My First Cum

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: neighbor's house
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My neighbor Billy was 15 at the time and lived two houses down from me. On this one day during the summer, he invited me over to see the new game on his computer. We got to his house and sat at his computer and I was playing the game. About this time, I saw this white slimmy looking stuff on the computer table. I ask Billy if he had sneezed there this morning. Billy saw what I was looking at and he got red in the face. I ask him what was wrong and what it was. He said “If you really have to know, it’s cum”. I had heard about cum but had never seen it before. I ask him how it got there. Billy said he had jerked off there this morning. Again, I’d heard about boy’s playing with themselves. I was very curious hearing and seeing this and I wanted to know more. I ask him how the stuff got so far back on the table. Billy said it shot out to there when he came. I was really curious now.

I left and went home and kept thinking about what I’d seen. So, next morning, I went back over to Billy’s house to find out more. I went in and started asking about the cum I’d seen again. I told him I still wanted to know how it got so far back on the table. Billy again said it shot out that far motioning from his crotch area to the table. I told him I didn’t believe it and to prove it. At this, Billy got all excited. He started rubbing on himself thru his pants and I could make out his penis and it was big and hard looking. Billy then ask “You really want to see it”? I said I did. I could see he was really getting excited now. Here he was about to show a girl his erect penis for the first time and let her see him come. He then ask “You really want to see it”? I said “Yes”.

Billy then opened his pants and let them drop to the floor. He then pulled down his shorts and stood in front of me watching my eyes looking at his hard penis. He then wrapped his hand around it and said “Here goes” and started stroking it. I watched as he did this and watch his face strain and his breathing get rapid and shallow. Then, Billy called out “I’m going to come”! I watched and Billy let out a loud grunt and the first squirt of the white stuff shot out of his penis followed by another and another. It went over three feet in front of him. I said “Wow” when I saw this. He finally ended up standing holding his penis and it was just dripping the stuff. It was quite a show.

The next day, I went over and this time I told Billy I want to be the one to jerk him off. Billy was all besides himself with the thought of a girl touching his penis for the first time and giving him a hand job. He laid down and I took his big penis in my hand and started stroking it. Billy was so aroused that he didn’t last but seconds before exploding with cum. I got some on my hands and I felt it and even smelled it. It was quite a lesson that I have since used on lots of different boys and men. But, I’ll still never forget my first cum.

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