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Birthday Present

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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I lost my virginity to my first wife. She was a beautiful Indonesian girl. I was a virgin, but she had been married once before. I didn’t mind that she was a non-virgin because I was really in love with her. My birthday was a few days after we were married and she wanted to make it special so we agreed that I would lose my virginity to her on my birthday. When the time came, we went into her bedroom and closed the door. There was no lock, so we just put a large suitcase in front of it. We started kissing and fondling each other. We took our clothes off. I had never seen a girl’s body before. I stared at her round and firm breasts and at her vagina. She told me that my penis was bigger than her first husbands penis as she pressed herself up against me and asked me if I liked it. I was nervous, but I was able to tell her yes. She told me not to be nervous and she sprawled herself naked on the bed. I looked at her beautiful body. She spread her legs and told me to get on top of her. By then it was about 11:45 at night, still my birthday. I couldn’t figure out where her vagina was so she took my penis in her fingers and brought it in herself. The head of my penis slid in first and it felt so good, I just shoved in the rest of the way. It was warm and moist inside. I moved it in and out as fast as I could. She was very passionate as most Asian girls are and quickly had an orgasm. I ejaculated during her orgasm. After that, I pulled out and she asked me if I liked it. What could I say? It just blew me away. She stroked my penis and it didn’t take long before I was hard again. She asked me if I wanted to do it again and before I could answer, she got on top of me and brought my penis into her again. This time she had her orgasm even more quickly and it was even more intense. I held out as long as I could. By the time I ejaculated again, we were both tired out and we just talked for a while and went to sleep. She had given me my birthday present and it was the best one I had ever had. After that we had sex every day at least two or three times. She got more and more passionate every time.

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