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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

His name was Nick and I’d had a crush on him for a while. We went to school together and one day our teacher set us up together for a project. Nick said that we could work on it at his house that weekend because his family would be away so they wouldn’t bug us or anything. I made a a huge mistake of telling a group of my friends about it and then I said “Maybe we’ll end up having sex!” I was only kidding..I later realized I had said it right under the boys washroom window for him and all his friends to hear.
So eventually it was the weekend and I walked to his house to work on the project. I got there and so we started to work on the project. We finished it early so he said to me “I wanna show you something, follow me” so I got up and followed him upstairs. When we got to his room he just smiled at me. So I said “Ok, what’d you wanna show me Nick?” and he handed me a blindfold and said he had a surprise for me but I needed to put it on and turn around first. By now I was really confused but had an idea what he was doing. He left the room for a minute and came back in. He said “you can’t see through that right?” which I couldnt.
He walked up to me and grabbed my hand and told me to walk with him. He walked me across the room and then told me to kneel down on my knees. So I did and then he told he to open my mouth and stick my tounge out. When I did, it was soo scary, it felt just like the tip of his cock. So I said “Is this what I think it is?” and he said, “I dunno, how about you feel it with your mouth somemore and then you can tell”. So I moved my head forward more and got a mouthful of his hard cock. I could taste some pre-cum on the very tip. I started to suck up and down on it and he put his hand on my head and told me I was doing good. It was so weird to think of what we must look like right that second, me blindfolded sucking him off. He said to me “ok you ready, here I come!” as soon as he said that he came right in my mouth! It tasted a little funny at first but at the same time it tasted so good! After that he took the blindfold off me and that was the first time I could see what I had just had in my mouth. He kissed me and said he wanted to do the same to me…but without the blindfold. So I got my jeans and panties off and layed down on the bed with my legs wide for him to get his head in there. I closed my eyes as he licked and kissed my cunt. It felt sooooo fucking good! When i was about to come he stopped, look up at me and then kissed me. He layed over top of me and held his penis and slowly put it into my cunt. It hurt like hell because I’d never had anythere in there before, I’d never used tampons and never been fingered, even my myself. Once he got in going in and out without it hurting, it started to feel so good that even he was moaning. He shot his load deep inside me and when he did he let out a loud moan. Hearing it and feeling the cum inside me made me come too! It was so great, I couldnt beleive what we’d just done.
Once we were getting dressed we noticed a dark blood stain on his bed sheets. he didnt think it was too big a deal and went into the closest and pulled out a new sheet to put on and just threw the dirty one in the corner.
Well about 3 weeks later his parents found the sheet and got really pissed off. They made him swtich schools and didnt let him see me or talk to me! I’d got to have sex with him over 20 times in those 3 weeks.
Now I have a new boyfriend who i like to give blowjobs to almost every day and everytime I taste the cum I think of Nick. I still love Nick and hope one day when we’re 18 maybe his parents will fuck off and let us be together!

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