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Blood Bath

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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: Sisters Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was lying asleep in my bed one night when my parents were
away, and I woke up when I heard a scream. I was frightened,
but I heard some other noises, and decided to get up and
investigate. The noises were coming from my sister’s room.
The door was slightly ajar, so I went to have a look what was

When I looked in, I saw my fourteen year old sister and two
boys. The one boy had his penis up my sisters vagina, and
she had the other boy’s dick in her mouth. She was making
strange sounds, which intrigued me. Also, the action
interested me, as I had never seen a penis before, and my
sister seemed to be enjoying herself. There was stuff
dripping out of my sister which was red and looked like blood.

I looked on until the one boy tensed and white stuff came
leaking from my sisters mouth. The other boy then also
tensed and pumped even harder into her. The red then became
streaked with white.

I had become so engrossed that I hadn’t realised that I was
now in full view of them. The one boy looked up and saw me,
and called out in surprise. My sister looked up and was
really annoyed that I was looking in on her. She started
shouting at me not to tell mom, but then got up and dragged
me into the room. “I figure the only way your not going to
tell is if you get yourself into trouble doing so”. With
that she grabbed me and pulled my nighty over my head,
exposing my little body. My breasts are still tiny, and my
snatch is hairless. This seemed to have an affect on the
boys, as their penises started to get hard again. I was
getting wet between my legs and didn’t know what was happening
to me.

She pushed me onto my knees, and told me to take the penis of
the boy who had pumped her in my mouth. It was still red
with her blood and white with his come. It tasted strange,
but I kept on sucking. While I was doing this I felt something
feel between my legs, and then a penis nudged between my legs.
I was a tight little virgin, and his penis seemed too big.
He kept on pushing, and it was really hurting me. He then
gave a really big push and he was in. I screamed out loud,
and begged my sister to stop them, but she told me to keep
on sucking. I was crying by now, but my vagina was beginning
to stop hurting. I could feel myself bleeding.

My sister then tells me that she is going to tongue my ass.
I didn;t know what she meant, but I soon found out. She started
licking all around my back hole, and pushing her tongue inside.
This went on for a while, and I could feel the penis in my
mouth get bigger. My sister then told him to stop fucking
my face and get round behind me. The boy pumping into me
then pumped a bit harder, and I cried out. I felt some
liquid flood into me, and I guessed he had come.

I thought it was now over, but the other boy started nudging
his penis into my back hole. This was just as tight as my
vagina had been. He pushed hard, and I started screaming again.
He finally got it in, and starting pumping my bottom. My
sister then pushed her snatch in my face, and told me to suck
and lick her out. I was tasting blood and come again, but
I had gotten used to the taste by now. The boy who had
fucked my vagina started sucking it. That felt really good,
and took my mind off what the others were doing.

After what seemed an eternity, the boy in my bottom pulled out,
and I felt some liquid leak out of my bottom. The other boy
Started licking this as well, and I started feeling really
quivery down there. I started shaking uncontrollably, but
it felt good. Some liquid gushed from my vagina. Then my
sister started moaning again, and then screamed, and some
liquid poured from her.

My sister said that I hoped that had taught me a lesson, never
to spy on her. I said it had. She then sent me back to
bed. When I got there, I looked at myself, and could see
that I was bleeding from my vagina and my bottom. I could
feel liquid in places I had never felt before. I went to
bed and cried myself to sleep.

My sister still makes me have sex with some of her boyfriends,
and if she doesn’t have one, makes me lick her out. It
doesn’t hurt so much now, and I have started to enjoy it.
Some people at my new school have started calling me a slut,
but I don’t know what it means and I don’t care.

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