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Blow me down

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: in my bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

i used to jackoff alot, sometimes more than once a day. i was a horney adolescent and enjoyed feeling good. one night i was in bed for the night and began thinking about a cute girl in my class. i sproted a huge throbbing erection and began stroking it softly enjoying the feeling and thinking of fucking the girl classmate. after a few minutes, i heard a squek as my door opened and my big sister walked in. hi Billy she said, i heard you graoning and came to see if you were sick. i was embarassed to have my sister catch me wanking off. my sister lookd at my raging boner and cooed, can i take care of that for you? okay but don’t tell Mom. I won’t she purred. she crawled into my bed and lay down next to me. soon her soft warm hand was on my cock and she began stroking it tenderly. it felt soo good and i urged her on saying faster, sis, faster. she smiled and moved down the bed, her face near my groin. she winked at me and said, i’m going to give you a real treat. she lifted my throbbing cock to her lips and parted them slightly. she kissed the head of my manhood and began licking all around the head. that feels good, sis, what are you doing? i’m going to give you a blowjob, giggled and opened her mouth wide. she slipped my cock inside and closed her lips around my cock. her warm mouth was wonderful and soon her tongue was licking all around the head and under the ridge. lightening bolts were shooting through my body as she worshipped my cock with her mouth. her hand was still on my shaft and moving up and down in tempo with her tongue. her other hand was holding my balls and massaging them tenderly. i was so excited that i thought i would burst. soon i reached the point of no return, stiffened, grunted and shot load after load of my cum into her mouth. she moaned and licked faster gathering up all my cum on her tongue. she looked up at me and smiled, gulped and swallowed it all down her throat. after i had finished cumming my cock grew limp and slid out of her lips. my sis, smiled at me again and said, wow little brother that was quite a load and i loved every bit of it. after that, my sister would sneak into my room, after our parents had retired, and climb into bed with me. she would reach for my crotch and fondle my prick until it was a huge boner. then she would go down and suck me until i came and then lick me dry with her tongue. one night she asked me to return the favor and lick her pussy. it was beautiful and i loved licking and sucking on it until she climaxed and holding one hand over her mouth as she screamed in pleasure. our nights together were wonderful and one night she moved into a 69 position and we ate each other to orgasm. i was lucky to have such an understanding sister who loved relieving our sexual tensions together. Thanks sis!

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