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Boarding School

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: her room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Boarding School

Not Telling

For high school I went to a small private coed boading school in Arizona. IÆm sure the walls of the schoolÆs dorms could tell hundreds of ôfirst timeö stories. I was 16 and a sophomore, she was 14 almost 15 and a freshman. I was a virgin, she wasnÆt. Our first sexual contact didnÆt include fucking but its a very hot memory. We didnÆt fuck until a month later.

She had spit up wit her boyfriend and was available. We had flirted a bit, but nothing really had happened, although she knew I wanted her. I knew she had been having a lot of sex with her previous boyfriend, and sex in general was a very open subject.

On night she and I decided to fool around a little and went up to the small gym on campus. It was before indorms and there were kids and faculity milling around campus but we still decided to take the risk of getting caught. We left the lights off and found a stack of mats to sit on. We made out a little, and started feeling eachother up. It was the first time IÆd ever finger-fucked a girls pussy. I can still remember how greaat her pussy felt that night. Then we got out of pants and she went down on me first. She gave great head. I came in about five minutes. She kissed me with cum on her lips and then had me eat her out. I had often fanticized about eating pussy and couldnÆt wait to stick my toung up her hole. He sweet pussy was so soft and smelled so fresh. I ate her uot until she though she hear people outside. We hurridly got back into our pants and hopped out a window.

We hung out a little more that night but no more sexual stuff happened. She also told me I had to wait to fuck her.

All this happened right before our schools annual field trips (If you went to our shool I just gave it away. IÆm not telling you my current age because if you knew how old I am now and what school IÆm talking about youÆd know exactly who I am.) These field trips sent kids out into the field, Indian Reservations, Mexico, Inner Cities, ôOther Culturesö for 2 1/2 weeks. Its a great cultural expierience… no back to the sex stuff… sorry for the diversion.

Field Trips were followed by Spring Break, so she and I had no opportunity to hook back up until we got back a month later. It was April 11, a Wednesday, about 8:00 pm. (Yes I remember exactly when I first got laid).

She and I went to her room, her roommate was on ôStudy Hallö and we were on Independent Study, so we had an hour and a half. First we got in the shower and explored eachothers bodies with soap covered hands. She blew me a little and I started eating her out when she said, ôlet get in bed.ö

Once dried we got into her bed naked and continued feeling eachother up. Kissing her while holding her naked was incerdile. Her body was so soft and small, but at the same time so sexual and hot. She told me to get on top and put it in. I had trouble finding her hole so she guided me in. At first I didnÆt know what to do, until she started rocking. I got the idea and started fucking her. I can even remember asking her if I was doing ok. It didnÆt take long for me to cum inside her. She was on the pill so we werenÆt worried about her getting pregnant. We lay there for a while and then she said we should get dressed before we got caught.

I donÆt really remember the next time we had sex. It blends in with all the hundreds of times we fucked. We went out for the next three years and split up after my first year at college. We did everything possible. Golden Showers, Anal, felching, cum kisses, fucking out in the open in broad daylight. I even agreed to her fucking another guy once, he had a huge dick and she wanted to try it… all she told me was that it hurt. We fucked several times a day. We go to my room and fuck after lunch, right before class. The only thing I didnÆt agree to and regret to this day is a three way. She wanted to include another guy. Looking back I wish I had tried it. I was waiting for her to agree to do it with another girl. Oh well.

The moral of my story… If you are thinking of sending your kid to a boarding school just remember, thereÆs tons of sex, drugs and drinking. But then I wouldnÆt trade my high school education for anything. It put me in a great advantage later on. …and IÆm not talking exclusively about sex.

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