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Boss’s daughter

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Dads Work BBQ
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My dad’s work often have a BBQ at somebody’s house when a big football game is on TV and I normally go to since most of the people he works with are pretty entertaining. However…this year I had the best barbeque of my life, my dads boss brought his daughter (I later found out he was bringing her becuase she was grounded and he couldn’t leave her home by herself)….lets call her Kristy. Oh man…she was hot…..she was wearing cargo pants and a tank top…Oh man I still remember the feeling the first time I saw her…wow…
Anyway.. dads boss said “Come on, it’s not that bad…there’s a boy here your age..”
She was a fairly quiet person so she just sat down next to me and boy was my heart pounding…I knew I had to say something…so I said “Hi, my name’s “
She turned her head to me and replied with “My name’s “, I said “Nice to meet you …it’s obvious you don’t wanna be here…your dad drag you here as some kinda punishment?” She said “Something like that…I’m grounded and my mum’s outta town and my dad didn’t want to leave me home by myself”
So…we basically got talking and we had alot in common….she wasn’t going out with anyone (like me) and it turned out we lived not that far from eachother.
By then the game had started and nobody would’ve noticed if we went off somewhere. The backyard of house where the BBQ was pretty big and there was a gazebo near the back of the garden. Nobody could see anything from the patio (where the BBQ was). We were talking for a bit longer until we both just went silent…I now had a massive crush on her and I think she did aswell…we both turned to each other and frenched…a bit after that the topic turned to sex…we were both virgins and had never seen a member of the opposite sex naked. Surprisingly she said “Wanna chnage that?” I replied with a gulp “Are…you saying…? said “If you can see me…I can see you….deal?” and of course I said yes. She kicked her shoes off… She stood up in front of me and took her tank top off.. dick was so hard. Then she put her crotch right near my face so I pulled the drawsting out of her cargo’s making them fall to the ground. This was so awesome! She turned around and she reached for her back, undid her bra and threw away then she then hooked her thumbs into her soaked panties and pulled them down and kicked them away out of the gazebo (though I wasn’t aware of the panties flying out of the gazebo at the time). Oh man…she had such a nice ass….she asked me “Are you ready for this?” I replied “Fuckk yeah!”. She turned around and and was biting her lower lip… it was such a nice sight…she had the best tits and nicely sculpted thighs….She said “Your turn…”. I got up, took off my shirt and took off my pants, my dick was fighting for a way out and I ripped my undies off…I said “Well…now we’ve seen a member of the opposite sex naked…”. She knew exactly what I was talking about and asked “What do I do?”. I sat down and told her to sit on my lap, she did that and I askd “May I..?” She nodded and I cupped her breats with my hands then started sqeezing one of her rock hard nipples with my left thumb and index finger, she was trying to contain her moaning becuase they might have heard us. My right hand went down her beautiful body and started gently brushing her abdomen, I then went down to her pussy and started to gently rub her soaked pussy, after a while of that she slid down to the ground and looked at my cock, she started stroking it and she put in in her mouth and started sucking it, oh man it felt good I tired as hard as I could to contain my moaning. I cummed into her mouth and she swallowd it all. She looked up at me and I said “Fuck you’re amazing”. She lied down on the ground, bent her knees and opened wide, I got down on the floor with her and stuck my middle finger into her pussy and fingered her and sucked her pussy for a while until I stopped and asked her “Are you ready?”…she nodded so I put a rubber on and I got on top of her and guided the head of my dick into her pussy, I slowly went it and saw I saw a small look of discomfort on her pretty face, I started pumping for a bit and pop went her cherry. I was now pumping at an increasing tempo and we were both enjoying it…after a little while of fucking her, her dad noticed her panties which were out of the gazebo and he and my dad stormed over to the gaebo. She now had her legs around my back and I was pumping the livng shit out of her.
Then her dad and my dad saw what we were doing and her dad screamed “WHAT THE FUCK!?! GET OFF MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!”. We didn’t stop and I just gave gim the finger. After a bit of his screaming we both climaxed in front of him. i got off her and we were both lying down nex to each other and were were trying to catch our breaths. The person who was hosting the BBQ went inside and the other guy there had left by the time we both got dressed.
So…our dads made us sit down and her dad gave us the most boring lecture of my life, my dad was terrified. he tried to had something but her dad just said “Shut up …You’re already fired”. After the big lecture he said “Now….what do yous two have to say to yourselves?”
and I just started laughing so her dad grabbed her arm and took her home. My dad just cared about how he lost his job and forgot completely to punish me, but was grounded for like 6 months. But that didn’t stop is from seeing eachother.
We’ve been going steady for three years now and we still talk and joke about from this day forward

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