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Bouncing Boobies

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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: Trampoline
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

There was this 13 year old in my school who had been held back twice and was still in the fifth grade. She had great tits for a girl so young. After an end of the year, school’s out pool party, I asked her to stay over and mess around and talk. Her mom said it was fine and my mom had errands to run and didn’t want to drag us along so we stayed home. After about three hours of talking we started talking about guy, girls, and sex. She asked if she could see my dick. I said only if I can see you naked. She agreed so we went into the basement. In the back room the ceilings were 16 feet high so my dad decided to put a trampoline in. We hopped on the tramp and she started to strip. She was very petite and she had a neat little pussy. She said, “a deal is a deal.” So I took off my pants and showed her my dick. She was awestruck at how big it was. I asked her if she was virgin. She replied yes but I have seen many pictures and I do have 5 brothers. She soon asked if she could touch my penis and I agreed. She touched my dick so softly I instantly became rock h0rd. She immedietly started to cum as she felt the hardness of my dick. I quickly touched the cum and licked my fingers. She got very turned on and decided she wanted to start sucking my dick. It was all too much and she said she needed me to lick her vagina. I eagerly did as she asked. She cummed on me twice before begging for my dick. I stuck it in her and she shuttered. We soon started a motion of bouncing. Her boobs were bouncing in every direction so I just grabbed one and started to suck. I soon came and she started yelling as she accepted her first orgasim. We sat there making out and jumping on the tramp for a few more hours. Every few minutes she would grab my floping dick and suck it until I came. We still see each other every day and have sex often. But never has been a time as good as the first. Signed, 🙂

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