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boy cousins loosing virginity

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: the pool/my bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It’s hard to say when exactly it all started but,me and my thirteenteen year old cousin were swimming in the pool and we were playing around rather inocently I would give him a ride around the pool on my back then it would be his turn to give me a ride. Little did I know that this would lead to a real ride in the days to follow.when I gave him a ride I would hold his ass like a piggy back ride and with each step I could feel his erected dick bumping into my ass through his bathing suit. I was suprised to notice my prick getting rather hard and I started to enjoy this and get horny.Then it was my turn my hard wet dick felt great bouncing off his ass and before I knew it I was grinding up against him and we were just standing there thrusting against each other.I turned him around huged him while sliping my hands into his loose fitting suit and squeezed his young round tight ass as he was doing. I was so hot for him at that moment and he wasn’t protesting until I started to slid my hand down the front of his suit.He said what are you doing I said to him that I wanted to play with it and that he could play with mine too.I didn’t wait for his responce I just reached down and started to fondle his cock
I was delighted to find that he had such a long thick penis
he was about six inches at only thirteen after this fore- play we dried off and went to sleep he lived at my house at the time,and we shared a room.the next night we were in our beds and I just couldn’t stop thinking about his meat and smooth tight ass so I removed my pajamas and was laying there naked massaging my stiffening rod.I looked over
and saw he was beating off under his blanket that wasn’t doing a good job of hiding his cock. I started making light sounds of pleasure and he was doing the same back to me.Then I whisperd for him to come get in bed with me and without responding he got up and I could see the silouet of his torid dong bouncing as he made his way over. david got under the covers then feverlishly we started grinding our pelvises and dicks together I could feel his meat warm and hard on my stomach It was great I was in heaven and I kept a firm grip on his ass as I pulled him into me.I kept kissing his neck and whispering to him that I wanted him to come all over me. while trying not to explode myself I felt him start to thrust against me harder and longer I relized that he was about to shower me with his juices . I was so hard and sweaty that I was just about ready to shoot my load as well so I went for it.I was squeezing his ass while thrusting him up against me the pressure on my young dick was tremendous.Our bodies started to feverishly convulse into each others in a lustful primal fasion. we both went into ragging orgasams as I felt his warm throbbing dick spill his hot spunk on my stomach I felt it run down my inner thigh and to my vigin anus. At the same time my cock erupted spurting forbidden love juice all over myself and my cousin .We were in such a tight embrace that it sandwiched out and ran down to my anus.We laid ther for awhile holding each other dripping with come then I asked him if he wanted to put it in my ass he nodded yes. I was so excited becuase I had always played with my asshole fingering my self and fantasizing about the moment when I would get penetrated by a penis. He rolled off me and onto his back. As I knelt doggy style I lubed myself up with our pearly white come and fingered my asshole streching it so it could acomodate his meat.david was already hard and was masterbating whatching me prepare myself for him.Then the moment of truth I stradled him on my knees reached behined me grabbed his bulk and pressed the tip up against my virgin hole and started to lower my ass allowing the head to slowly penetrate me and then david thrusted all six inches of his manhood deep into my hole I gasped then he just started pumping in and out in and out it felt like forever then at last he exploded inside me. Just after his hot liquid gushed into me I shot a stream of come all over his chest and it was a wonderful expiriance.

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