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Breast obsessed english teacher

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Where it happened: school
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Category: Straight

I had always known that Mr. Robinson, my English teacher, was attracted to me, I caught him staring at my breast three times and the fact that it was so forbidden made me attracted to him. One day, I had to stay after school and I walked passed Mr. Robinson’s room. He asked me to help him clean the boards off and I said yes. I started with the bottom of the board and worked my way up, I knew that the skirt I was wearing was short and the farther I reached up the more of my ass I showed. Mr. Robinson shut the door and locked it, which I thought was a little strange. I felt something behind me and I turned quickly and there he was. Mr Robinson was right there, and without words we started to kiss. I felt his hand go slowly up my skirt, he squeezed my ass and went back down and up again but towards my crotch. He slipped his hand threw my panties and gently touched my pussy, and then my clit. I had never done anything sexual but I knew what to do somehow. I unbuckled his pants and put my hand down there he was
so hard. I pulled it out, and started to feel it, his cock grew harder and harder. I sucked his balls and then the head but he got bored and said he wanted to fuck me and go all the way. He unbuttoned my cardigan and unhooked my bra.
He kept on squeezing my breasts and staring at them, he was obsessed! I sat on his desk, opened my legs, and wrapped them around him, he wasn’t gonna have all the fun. I guided his thick hard dick right inside me. He started to fuck me, it hurt so good, I screamed “Oh, yes!” He kept on pounding me, “more and more” I moaned. He didn’t quit caressing my breasts and he still stared at them and I orgasmed before he did. He was still going and he turned me around doggie style and my pussy was so wet. He got bored of that quickly, but he stuck it up my ass and finally, 5 minutes of pain later he came and took his cock out of me and put it in his pants. Needless to say I got an “A” in english that year. He still stares at my breasts in class.

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