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Brian Warner

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Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: Cruise
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Last summer I won a cruise from my local radio station. I decicided to take my friend Jeordie so we went. We got on the ship and noticed there were all guys. I was like, Fuck this shit! This is a gay cruise!!! We stayed in our room for about five hours since the week long trip started because we didnt want to see any dick. I decided that it sucked staying there so I went to the dining room to get some food. On the way I saw guys making out and giving blow jobs. I was gonna puke. Then I saw her, 5’8″ red head, beautiful 24 year old girl named Kate that looked like a super model. I went up to her and asked why she was on this cruise. She said, “My dad is a Captain for this cruise line and was stuck on this gay cruise because the other Captain Gary was sick. She was off from college and wanted to spend time with her father. I explained to her that I won the trip but I didnt know it was a gay cruise. We ended up going to her private room to talk and after an hour she said to me, “Want to just rebel and go againts these gay guys’ morals? I was like, Hell yeah!! She slipped off her tight tank top exposing her huge D breasts in a small lace bra. Then she took off her pants and asked me to take off her underwear. I undid her bra and then slipped off her panties. Her hot pussy was already dripping wet. I laid her on the bed and stuck my huge thick cock inside her. As I pumped she was moving up and down screaming. She orgasmed and exploded in juice. She immediately pushed my head into her pussy to lick it up. Then she got on her hands and knees for me to do doggystyle. I fucked her so hard that I must have cummed about a pint into her twat. She was so hot. She then sucked the cum of my dick and then sat on my face as I licked her cunt. I got so deep in it that my nose was in. She almost drowned me with cunt juice. We then ate some dinner and came back to the room a little later. We decided to watch a gay porno and do what ever they did. So I did her up the ass and she sucked my dick dry. It was great. I found out that she lives a couple blocks from me in LA so I fuck her day and night now. My friend Jeordie ended up with a gay Mexican who used him to get in the USA. It was worth seeing a gay wedding and then fucking Kate in the church store room. THE END!

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