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Brother’s wife

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Brother's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My brother married when I was only 14, he was twenty at the
time. His wife was a babe, 36C-26-38 and long blond hair.
I told him that I found her sexy and he knew it.

Well, it was my 16th birth day and I was still a virgin. My family
had cooked dinner and my brother and his wife were coming
over. As family started arriving I was being given my presents
When my brother and his wife arrived they had not brought a present
telling me that they had left it at home and would have to
get it later. We settled in to dinner and had some wine.

After dinner my brother and his wife offered to bring me over
to their house to get my present. On the drive over my brother
started talking about how he wanted to give me something
unique. Remarking that he knew I was still a virgin he said
he wanted me to get laid. I said “sure” not thinking he was
serious. He continued “so we would like you spend the night
with Melanie.” My face went white and my pants almost burst,
as I glanced at Melanie, she smiled and said “Yes Sean, I would
love to be your first.”

We dropped my brother at his friend’s house and Melanie and
I returned to theirs. I couldn’t believe I was going to lose
it to my brother’s beautiful, 22 year old wife. She could
see I was shaking and tried to reassure me, yet there was
no way I was going to pass up this.

We went to her bedroom and she grabbed me, kissing me deeply
to arouse me. She tore off my clothes before letting me
undress her. We got into bed and she let me touch every thing
and showed me what to do. She showed me how to eat her out
and then it was time for the main event.

We didn’t use a condom since she was on the pill. She guided
my penis into her sopping vagina and told me to push in.
I slid in easily coming to rest on her body and in her body.
Our bodies started to move back and forth and she started
to moan my name. I was loving my present at this point.
The rhythm became faster and faster and I felt my orgasm start
to build. I asked her if she wanted me to pull out. She
grabbed my body with her legs and gasped “in me”. I let loose
with all I had and she exploded soaking the sheets. After I
got my breath back I thanked her for my present. She kissed
me and said “we’re not finished yet, we have all night.” And
we did.

That night Melanie gave me my first blowjob, and let me cum
in her 3 times. The next morning my brother called saying
he wouldn’t be home til 2, so his wife and I had sex in the shower.
Soon my brother and his wife were giving her to me for
Christmas too. I even had the honor of joining them on
their 5 th anniverasry. That night I got to fuck Melanie
in the ass while my brother fucked her vagina, and she
loved it. The last time I got together with Melanie was
a cousin’s wedding last summer, my bro knew but he still
doesn’t mind.

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