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Brothers wife

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Age when it happend: 30
Where it happened: My sisters trailor
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was at my sisters trailor, visiting my family for the weekend. I live 500 miles away, and we always have a party when I’m in town. My brother was married to a girl who I thought didn’t even like me. She and I had probably said maybe 10 words to each other in about 5 years. On this night, the ladies were all drinking whiskey, while my brothers and I were drinking mostly beer. After a few hours, by brother and his wife got into an arguement and he went to bed. I was standing in the kitchen talking to my other brother when she walked in, and started saying how sexy she thought I was, and I told her she needed to get her ass back to bed with her husband. She stood there for a few minutes trying to get me to go outside with her, and even though she was my brothers wife, my dick was instantly hard. Before I knew it, she reached over, grabbed my shorts, and pulled them away from my stomach, and shoved her hand in and grabbed my cock! My other brother was as shocked as I was, and told her to go to bed. About this time, there was a disturbance outside, and everyone ran out to break it up….EVeryone but me….And her. After a few minutes of trying to get her to stop, I finally went to the bathroom to get away from her…But she followed me, and came in before I could close the door. Again she reached in and grabbed my dick, and I’ll admit, I let her this time. She kept on until she reached up and pulled me toward her and kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes, her with my throbbing cock in her hand, until my sister came in and saw what has happening, and made her leave.
After that, she and I talked a few times about what might have happened if my sister hadn’t came in, and each time, I’d get this raging hard on! She was very pretty, with big green eyes, a nice figure, and she was quite a bit younger than me. I resisted as long as I could until one time I was in town, and we were all out to dinner, and she said she needed a ride to work tomorrow, very early, and my brother would be gone already, so he couldn’t do it, so HE asked me to take her. I agreed. The dinner was buffet style, so when everyone else was getting food but she and I, I mentioned that if she were willing, we could stop at a motel for a little while. SHe was more than willing!
The next morning, she woke me up and said she was ready to go. My brother had gone to work already, but everyone else was still sleeping. She had on a mini-skirt that just barely covered her pussy, and a tight little top that showed the shape and size of her ample breasts. We drove toward her work, and along the way, as agreed, we stopped at a motel.
When we went into the room, to be honest, I really figured she would chicken out, and was almost kinda hoping she would…She didnt. I started kissing her, and slowly kissed my way down her neck as I was playing with her tits. We lay on the bed and she pulled her top off, and we kissed as she slid out of the mini-skirt. After she was naked, I worked my pants off while kissing her, and then I slowly kissed my way down her flat little tummy to her wet snatch. I licked her clit as she moaned and pushed my head harder into it. After a few minutes of this, I slowly kissed my way back up, and positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy. “you sure you want to do this?” I asked…”It’s not too late” Her reply was to grab my ass and pull me inside her pussy. “I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time…I ain’t stopping now!” She said. We fucked pretty hard for a few minutes, and then I sat up on the edge of the bed, with her on my lap facing me, and my cock burried in her wet pussy. She was moving faster and faster, and was just about to cum when I felt my cock begin to explode inside her! She saw what was happening, and as I didn’t have a condom on, she jerked it out just as I began to squirt. After I came, we lay there facing each other, and the magnatude of what we had done began to hit me. I have never felt so much guilt, and I really don’t think she had either. She never did get to cum. We quietly got dressed, and I took her to work. My brother never did find out (As far as I know). She and I have talked about it a few times since, and we agree that it never should have happened, but I’ll bet that if we had a few drinks while we were alone, it would happen again.

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