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Buck and my slutty ex wife

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Age when it happend: 44
Where it happened: A party at the home of a porn star
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My ex-Wife’s First Gangbang

These events occurred ten years ago, back when I was still married. We had just delivered a new video web site to a local pro-am porn actress and her producer/director husband. To celebrate the opening of their new web site, the couple invited my wife, myself and our housemate to a
big party at their home. We knew it would be a wild event.

Although we had enjoyed threesomes before and did it with other couples, we hoped this party would be an opportunity for one our sexual fantasies to become a reality. (In my wife’s favorite, she is hired by a group of well hung, men who use her as their very submissive fuck toy all nite long. My long standing fantasy is that I’m attending a bachelor party where no one knows that our+ nasty entertainment is my beautiful slutty wife.

The party began in the afternoon, by the pool and lasted well into the nite. When we arrived, some couples plus a few single guys were doing party chitchat, flirting and drinking. The single guys were polite. No pressure or any sort of pushiness. Nothing out of the ordinary. After sunset, everyone was in the living room. There were around a half dozen couples there with an larger contingent of solo male guests. No one would have guessed there was anything unusual about this party.

I was outside talking to the porn star’s husband, then came inside for another beer. A group of guys were chatting up my wife. They were discussing something of great interest to my spouse. She was smiling, giggling and nodding her head affirmatively as they talked and laughed. When she saw me, she motioned with her finger to indicate she was headed into the rear part of the house. I gave her a big smile and nodded back, then followed her and her entourage of eager males to where the bedrooms were located..

Even though it was her first time, my wife didn’t look nervous. She knelled down on the mattress, rubbed the crotches of nearby guys and began to massage her own breasts. One of the guys kissed my wife. Several hands began to touch her and I saw her eyes close with a big smile on her face, obviously very excited. Someone pulled up the front of her top and several hands were soon squeezing tits and pinching her nipples. Within a minute, her top was off, shorts were next, she was naked except for her platform heels. Several guys rubbed her body and she had one guy’s dick in her hand. I just wanted to watch, so I stayed to the back of the pack..

The host and our housemate noticed we weren’t in the living room and looked into the bedroom. They broke into big smiles when they saw the men entertaining my wife. My spouse waved our house mate over to her. She unzipped his pants, took out his dick and slid his semi-erect member into her mouth. Our host got behind my wife, rubbing his cock against her. Her eyes suddenly pop open when he shoved his now hard cock hard into her pussy. She’s sucking on the cocks in front of her. Within some minutes, our host let someone take over. I got a hard on watching my wicked wife, seeing how much she enjoyed being the center of attention.

The guy fucking my wife stepped back and my wife guided a new cock into her twat. She used her mouth to service the guys waiting for their turn in the driver’s seat. She was really get off on this now. My slutwife grabbed an eager newcomer’s cock and jammed it into her mouth.

The guy behind her shoved his dick into her ass really hard and started cumming. Then the guy she was sucking began squirting his load down her throat. This made my wife start cumming at the same time! I had to see this up close and I described to her how nasty she looked with all that cum pouring out of all three of her fuckholes.

She then took me in her mouth. It felt so incredible, she jammed my cock all way down her throat so my balls smacked against her lips. I watched the other guys fuck the hell out of my slutwife, then I exploded. She didn’t even take a breath as my jizm shot down her throat. I came was so hard I thought I was gonna pass out as I rolled way. I caught my breath and grabbed a soda from the kitchen.

When I returned the smell of testosterone permeated the air and it was so crowded with participants and spectators that I had to stand in the doorway. It was so damn awesome knowing how much my wicked wife enjoyed having all these guys fuck her senseless. Her entire body and hair were completely drenched with massage oil, sweat and semen.

A dozen guys, in various stages of recovery, were sprawled all over the room. Some cleaver wag then remarked that it looked like a damn hurricane had blown thru the bedroom. It was true. My incredible wife got up and walk out of the bedroom and headed for a hot shower, leaving all these guys lying in her wake, ravished and completely drained by just one woman. One of the jaded porn people mumbled how impressed they were with my wife’s sexual stamina.

After she showered up and reapplied her makeup, my cum luvin’ slut wife rejoined the rest of the party

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