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buttnaked at the park

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Where it happened: park
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so it goes like this. I look really young for my age so i could never get any play with girls my own age plus i was super shy in high school. I met this girl from a friend and she . me my friend and another friend went out parting and she came too. she was about 5’2 thin with small tits. the night started out like this we whent to the park to kill time before the party stared and also it was a place to met other friends. so my two guy friends are chilin drinking some 40s and they leave to go see another friend. leaving me and this gril all alone we start talkin and see says she is cold so she lays on me ass first on the slid we were siting on. I say my hands are cold so I put them down her pantsand feel she is wearing a thong. then i proceded to ask her if she was shaved, she said yes and I felt her pussy. then my boys come back and im like shit. so then we all go to that party and me and her go to the side of the house and start making out and I start feeling her up then my friend almost got kicked out of this house
so then I had to go straiten out the gril that was throwing the party. so basically a bunch of drama!!! any ways so the gril im with asks if im having a good time and I told her i could be having a better one, she said how and I said use you emagenation. she saided she would give me head only. so I took her home and stoped at the park by her house on the way home. i layed down on the play groung she got on to of me and we started making out. after that she went for my belt took down my boxers and all and started sucking my dick she was not that good at it so I told her how to do it I was not nervas at all after i cumed I put my close back on but i was not done. i grabed her pants started un butoning them and proceded to go down on her I did not like the tast and it was dark and it was like finding a neddle in a hay stack trying to find her clit so i just fingered her then put my dick in her and she road me home!!!!

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