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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: camping
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Oh wow, The first time was something I will never forget. My parents took Jessica and I
camping for the three day week end. Because the forth came on Sunday last year my
parents also had the 5th off work. Sandy is my best friend and is really beautiful, but
terribly shy. So she has never really had a boyfriend. All through Junior High guys have
asked her out but her parents would never let her date and she would just turn red and
look at her toes when guys talked to her. She has beautiful long blonde hair and the body
of an 18 yr. old model.
I have had several dates and guys have always made passes at me but I have always
resisted their advances. I am not as pretty as Jessica but prettier than my other friend
Jennifer. But, anyway, when we arrived at the camp grounds along by the river on Friday
night my dad helped us put up a tent for Jessica and myself. And he and mom had theirÆs.
Jessica and I went into our tent and I unpacked this Playgirl magazine that was given to
me by Jennifer before we left. (I wanted to ask Jennifer to come along too, but my parents
said only one friend.) Jennifer had sex a few times and she told me it was really good and
felt better than you could imagine… But Jessica and I were virgins. So here Jessica and I
sat in our tent looking at the pictures in this Playgirl. It was the first time she had ever seen
a picture of a naked man. I had seen some before but we were both turned on by it. Then
we could hear my mom and dad having sex in the other tent. We kinda giggled about that
and the noise subsided.
After I shut off the lamp and we went to be, I could hear her start to masturbate herself. I
was tempted to move over and see if we could masturbate each other but did not. I was
tired and drifted off to sleep.
The next morning, I will never forget because it was Saturday July the 3rd, 1999 and
Jessica and I took a walk. She wore a pair of denim jeans cut off and a red spaghetti string
crop top, I had on a white tube top and a pair of overall shorts. At the end of the road
there was a trail that followed the river and we were about a mile back in. We were talking
about sex and stopped along the trail to look at the pictures in the magazine again. I said
how I would like to wrap my lips around that guyÆs dick and Jessica said she would too
when this voice from behind us said, ô I have a real one for you.ö Shocked we both looked
around and there were these two guys, holding fishing poles looking down at us. I felt
myself start to flush and could see Jessica was blushing too. Jessica said not really. I didnÆt
say anything. I just noticed that the blonde guy had these great looking muscles and smile
and the dark headed guy was just great looking. They both had lumps in the shorts they
were wearing. The great looking guy with the dark hair reached out and took the
magazine from JessicaÆs hand and looked at it. He said he was bigger than that. Jessica
and I looked at each other and I knew she wanted to run. I half wanted to run and half
wanted to ask him to show me.
The muscular blonde guy then said, ôLook we did not want to embarrass you two, we
snuck up here because this is a good fishing spot, we saw what you two were looking at
and we were amusedö. Then he asked if we wanted to continue the on down the trail, he
said he knew of a really secluded spot by a creek off from the main river about a mile
farther up the trail. Jessica said no at the same moment I said okay. We looked at each
other again and then the Dark headed guy asked us which is it, yes or no. This time I said
no as Jessica said yes. We looked at each other and giggled again.
I was walking with the Blonde guy Sean and Jessica was walking with Jason. they were
both 20 and went to the University. Sean had his arm around me and Jason was holding
hands with Jessica. When we arrived at the Meadow by the creek, we sat down on this
enormous smooth faced boulder, and I started to kiss Sean. After a while I looked over to
see how Jessica was doing with Jason and was surprised To see he had her crop top off
and was kissing on her breast. Jessica and Jason were no more than three feet from Sean
and I so I could her how hard she was breathing. I remember thinking ôthis is itö, when I
felt SeanÆs hand make a move for my own breast. I was not wearing a bra and he had the
tube top pressed up and was undoing the strap of my over overalls when I felt his mouth
on my breast. I reached down and took hold of SeanÆs Dick and it felt so hot and hard
through his pants.
By then he had his my overalls off and my tube top off. All I had on was my panties, and
he was kissing and licking my leg and inner thigh, I heard Jason say suck on it and looked
over to see Jessica take his dick into her mouth and start to suck on it while I felt SeanÆs
tongue on my pussy that was so wet by then. I was so turned on by this guyÆs tongue and
seeing my best friend suck on this other guyÆs dick. Jason and Jessica were so close I
could hear her slurping and Jason grinned at me and I felt myself flush again. When I
noticed Sean had stopped licking on me. I looked over and he stood up and removed his
shorts and then his underwear. His dick was HUGH. I mean compared to Jason. I was
enormous. All of a sudden I was scared. I knew it was going to hurt me. So I told him to
move over so I could see and feel it. I took it into my hands and stroked it and I felt his
balls for the first time. I looked over to see how they compared to JasonÆs but Jason had
his dick inserted into JessicaÆs pussy and was fucking her. I turned back to SeanÆs dick and
started to stroke on it and fondle his balls, and decided that if I sucked on it and he licked
me maybe I would not have to have that thing hurt me. So I took my tongue and licked on
it. I licked it all over until I got the nerve to take it into my mouth. I could only fit the
head into my mouth but was really surprised how something so hard in my hand could feel
so soft and silky in my mouth. I found my self so turned on by sucking on his dick that I
wanted him to fuck me. Then he moved around into a 69 and I continued to suck on him
while he licked on me. I felt myself start to climax when I also felt this warm liquid squirt
into the back of my throat. It had a bitter salty taste but I did not mind be cause my own
climax was pushing me over the edge. As I felt the involuntary muscle spasms from deep
within my vagina, I continued to suck on Sean until he went soft and pulled out of my
I looked over to see Jason and Jessica looking at me and then I looked at Sean who said,
ôWOW, what a cocksuckerö Again I blushed and Jason said are you girls ready for round
two and this time we switch. I looked at my watch and saw it was almost lunch and said
my dad will be looking for us soon. We made arrangements to meet at their tent that night,
because they had to leave the next morning.
That night Jessica chickened out and said she was afraid of SeanÆs big dick and she was
afraid of getting pregnant. I told her okay, that I did not want to get pregnant or fucked by
Sean either.
After we got back, Jessica stopped seeing me so much and said it was because she lost her
virginity and was not really ready for it and that I tend to lead her the wrong way. She
started going to Church and I have not seen much of her. I am still a virgin, but I
remember last July 4th really well. I feel guilty about Jessica and what happen but I think
about it all the time.

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