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Camping Trip

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Camping
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was 14 and was spending the summer with my bestfriend (Sara). I thought her brother (Alec) was so cute and he as a year older then us. We would spend all day playing down by the creek near their house. As the summer got warmer we spent more and more time in the creek. I had the opportunity to flirt with her brother, and we started to build a relationship. His bestfriend started to come over and hang out too. My bestfriend told me one night when we were getting ready for bed that she and her brothers friend had kissed, and that they like eachother. We decided that the last week of summer we would plan a camping trip (they lived out in the woods so it wasn’t going to be something the parents would have to come along) Her brother and I started spending time alone, and she was spending time with her brothers bestfriend. Her Brother (Alec) and I had been doing a lot of “exploring” doing more then kissing but not having sex-sex yet. I gave him head and he licked my clit but that was a far as we had gone. It was my idea that when we went on the camping trip I wanted for Alec to do it with me. I was a little scared, but excited too. I eventually told my Sara that I was going to do it with Alec on the camping trip. At first she was telling me that I was crazy. But then after a few days she said that she did not want me to have sex if she didn’t have sex too. She wanted to know what it felt like.
So the week before our camping trip we started getting everything together. Her mom drove all of us into town so that we could get supplies. We bought the typical junk food, and cokes. I wanted Alec to get the condoms. So when we had all of out camping supplies, Alec and Saras dad drove out to the edge of their property and helped up set up the two tents a “girls” tent and a “boys” tent. Then he left us to it. we spent the afternoon, playing around. we cooked hotdogs and ate junk food. Alec says to me “Look” and moves a hot dog up and down his bun. We all laugh.
Sara tells me that she is going to try to get David to have sex with her that night.
Later we start to get sleepy and decide it is time. so Me and Alec go to a tent and Sara and David go to a tent. I start getting undressed, and get into the sleeping bag. Alec just stands there and watches me. “aren’t you going to come to lay down?” I ask him. he kinda blushes and says “yeah”
We start kissing and touohing eachother like we always have. I am feeling a little nervous about what I have said I wanted to happen. We keep kissing and stuff, we talk a little. Alec asks if I am sure I want to do this. I tell him yes. not to worry we are still doing everything that we normally do we are just going to go a little further. So I start to blow him just to get him up. then he stops me, let me do you. I don’t think I am ready just yet, but I say ok… what he meant was to start sucking me off and licking me. I start to really start feeling it.. and he lays on top of me, I spread me knees so he can already be in position. after a little while he gets hard so he asks if I want to put the condom on. I did it like they had us do in health class on the banana. After I get it on I lay back and he pushes against me. and can only get in a little bit like just the tip. He keeps rubbing me down there with his fingers, then he tries again and gets in a little more but it is really hurting. I tell him it kinda hurts. but we keep kissing and stuff, then he says I got some other stuff just incase. and he pulls out this little bottle of “glide” so I tell him lets try it. My heart is really beating he says his is too. He squirts a little on his fingers and rubs it all on my slit then slips in easier this time still hurt a lot but he pulls out and I tell him to do it a little more eachtime. He would slip completely out sometimes and then push against me and slip away. Eventually he got all the way in. He went slow in and out after awhile it got easier and I was not hurting so much. He kept asking is this good? I said it is alright, Does it hurt you. I said a little. He started to use his finger to rub where he did when we just made out. and that was the real good thing, It started to feel good, but was still kinda hurting and feeling like just rubbing in and out. But when he started to use his finger I started to relax a little more and wanted him to rub harder but slower. I pushed up with my feet because it made his penis rub the top of me. After a while he went soft again. and he pulled out. I was still wishing he was still doing me. I started rubbing myself and he started rubbing me with his fingers until I finally felt the end of it. Sara comes to our tent and calls my name. She says that they just tried. I tell her we just did it. Alec tells her to go back to her tent. I go back in and Alec says he wants to have sex again because this time he thinks he knows what to do. I get back in the sleeping bag. He starts rubbing my slit and clit thing with his fingers and rubbing the glide stuff, he is kissing me and massaging my boobs. I start rubbing his thing the way he has always liked it. we are really getting heated up, he gets hard again and I put a condom on him again. We did not see Sara and David come into our tent. Alec gets between my legs and kisses me again then pushes into me. He does not move at first just stuck it in and stayed still then he slowly starts to move in and out. He lifts my hips up and he can get in deeper. This time it feels really good. I can feel him slip in and out. I put my feet against the ground to help hold up my hips. Alewc put his hands under my back and I lean my head back. All of a sudden I feel like I can’t catch my breath and that if Alec keeps going I am going to explode. then all of a sudden I let out a moan, I couldn’t help it. Alec grunts then lets me down and lays on top of me before rolling to his side, we both try to catch our breath, when we heard panting, we look over and it is Sara and David, Sara is really grimacing, like it is hurtung her. But Davis is still going at it. They notice we are watching. and start to stop. Kiss her man, rub her wet first. Alec gives David the glide he doesnot stop but squirts it on his thing. they eventually stop and we all slept in the same tent together. The next morning I woke up to find Alec doing me again while I was sleeping. He says he could not resist. I tell him it is my turn to try something and I get on top. I was still tight and it still hurt a lot, I ws kinda sore and it was a little harder, but I could get him deeper in me. Sara woke up and saw what I was doing then woke David. They went back to their tent and guess tried some more.

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