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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: in the barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

OK, you wanted to know- well, I was 13 at the time and really horny…had been for 2 years. You see I was one of those chicks that developed, early- at 11, I had started to masterbate, my tits were already 34D’s, and I rubbed my little pussy raw every chance I got. I always teased and tantalized all the boys around,and even some of their Dads- I’d bend over and let them see my big tits, or rub up against them and play innocent, like it was an accident or I’d not wear a bra, and let my tits bounce around- that sure got them going and they were always trying to cop a feel, and I let them.
I was ripe for the plucking or is that fucking, I guess you could say….and I finally decided to see if I could get some one to finally fuck me…
I was over at my friend Beckys place one summer day, helping her with the chores- they had a hobbie farm about 70 acres, with some cattle, chickens,pigs, dogs, cats, ducks etc. I was feeding the pigs and all of a sudden, this male pig mounted this other pig, and started screwing it, it sure made me hot, my hand went to my tingly hot wet little pussy, and i started rubbing it like crazy, I stuck a finger in, oh, it felt goooooooooooooood, I put in another, and moaned, I started to move them with unison to the pigs strokes, all of a sudden I felt pain,, oh god it hurt, I screamed…. all of a sudden, Becky’s Dad appeared, god, I was caught- What are you doing Candy?he asked… well it was quite obvious,duh! are you ok? yea, I said kind of embarrassed- with that I took my hands out of my panties
He said come here, I did, thinking I’m in shit- I’m sorry, don’t tell anyone ok? Let me explain, he said, what you were doing is quite normal- hell we all do it ! I asked, even you? yes, even me- when I see those animals going at it I get horny too. With that I hugged him, and I felt this gigantic lump grazing my thigh- a little surprised I was at the size of it- goddamn it felt huge!
I decided there and then that I’d have him do me come hell or high water. I rubbed up against him and heard . his breathing get louder, I hugged him harder, pushing my firm tits into his chest- He was going to be mine- All of a sudden, he was carressing my back, and mumbling something, I couldn’t understand, he pushed me to my knees, I automatically reached to his zipper and pulled it dowm…reachingin I felt the huge tool and big sac with 2 great big balls- he kept moaning and groaning. I pulled it out and started to stroke it up and down, slowly at first then faster…white stuff glistened on the end of it, I licked it with my tongue, he went wild, he pushed me to the hay, tearing off my clothes, and started to mount me like the pig, I cried no,its too big, he said you’ve teased me for 2 years and now you’re going to get it-with one push he buried his long, thick throbbing tool into my little pussy
I just about passed out, it hurt but felt good at the same time, He started to piston it in and out of my little pussy like there was no tomorrow, I was sweating, and moaning and groaning, and crying, more, give me more, harder, and he did, He screwed me inside out that day, I came and came and came. He made me suck him til he came and then we rested
About 20 minutes later he licked my pussy, and then mounted me from the rear, I went off like a firecracker, he pulled his big cock from me and pushed it against my bum, I asked what are you doing, you’ll see, relax, he said- with that he entered my ass, what a searing pain- no I yelled, but it was too late- he was buried to the nuts in my little bum. He started to rock slowly, and then went at my bum with a fevered pitch, fucking it like crazy…all of qa sudden he moaned, I’m cuming and blew a hot load of scalding cream into my bowels- I shuddered and came too. Finally his dick plopped out of my bum- soft, gooey I looked at it and measured it soft-it was 14 fingers longor about 9″ long. I sighed with content-finally I’d got laid, fucked silly was more like it- WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG, THOUGH-

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