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Can’t BEAT Camping

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Where it happened: Camping
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Me and a buddy were on our way to our first camping trip without our parents. We had both just and had gotten our drivers licences and we were both quite excited about getting away and doing some fishing and of course having a few beers. Well we got to a spot where nobody had obviuosly been to for quite some time, we set up camp and opened our first beer. I was all hot and sweaty from setting up the tent so I suggested we go for a swim. My friend and I made our way to the lake and proceeded to slowly get undressed down to our briefs. There was nobody for miles and my friend suggested that we might as well go in bare assed naked. Not being very big in that department,I was reluctant to comply.he must have noticed because he reassured me that what happened here stayed here so I stripped off my shorts and dove into the water. We were having fun goofing around when we started wrestling, I brushed against his dick a couple of times and I noticed he was becoming erect. This made me get a boner also, even though I never thought of myself as gay. As we got more into it my desires began to get the best of me and I began to stroke his meat. He was considerably larger than I was, his 7 inches compared to my 5, so I had alot to explore. he began to fondle mine and squeeze my nuts. all of a sudden he dropped down into the water and took all of my dick into his mouth. I shivered as he slid his mouth up and down my shaft till I could’nt take it any more and i shuddered and shot my load into his mouth. Drained I went to shore where he followed, then sat down beside me.I noticed that he still had an erection so to be fair, I began to Jack his meat. I was very nervous but slowly made my way down to his large dick and began to suck as I played with his nuts, soon his body began to quiver and I knew he was coming. His body bucked and he shot his load down my throat. Now both being tired we made our way back to camp wher we both lay naked on our sleeping bags and fell asleep. That weekend was the first sexual experience for me and my buddy and although we are both married we still see each other, not quite in the same way but we are still friends.

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