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Car ride to forget

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Neighbors Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

my neighbor jason, 17 used to drive me home from school. That is, whenever he felt like being nice. He was a good looking kid, but he could be a real dick sometimes. we knew eachother since we were infants, but because of our grade difference, he didnt speak much to me. on the last day of school he offered me a ride home. he was about to graduate and i was only going on to my sophomore year. we talked and he was very nice as we headed home. he told me that since this was our last time driving home together we should celebrate. I didnt know what he meant, but he soon pulled off the road and into a parking lot. he pulled out a joint and began puffing on it. I took a few hits so I wouldnt seem innocent but then his attitude changed. he began telling me how hot I was and how much older I looked than 14. when he slid over closer to me I knew something was up. he placed his hand on my head rest and turned to face me. he asked if i thought he was cute and i said yes. he than asked if i ever fantasized about him. I didnt answer and instead turned red. his other hand was no on my bare leg, i was wearing a skirt, and it was sliding up my thigh. i didnt want to seem like a baby so i let him get his cheap thrills. then his hand behind my head pulled me close to him and he began kissing me. I asked him what he was doing and he saif he knew i wanted him. i did in a way, but i would have preferred it be a little more romantic. i sat there kissing him while his hands roamed my body. he unbuttoned my blouse and began squeezing my tiny 34b tits. he moved closer again and ran his hand up my thigh again. i felt his fingers outside my panties and i began to worry. he moved my panties aside and slide a finger inside me. it felt so good, but i wanted to tell him to stop. as i tried to pull away and tell him, he pulled me closer and kept kissing. i felt his hands dissapear and when i looked away, I saw him pulling his cock out of his pants. without even asking, he forced my head down to his cock. i grabbed it and kissed it. he ordered me to suck it and i did. i slurped on it for a good 5 minutes before he told me to stop. he then grabbed me and told me to bend over the seat. i hesitated before he forced me over the seat. he slide down my panties and began fingering me some more. with each finger, it hurt more and soon i was beggin him to stop. he held me against the seat as he began to insert his cock into me. it hurt like a bitch until i became wet enough to enjoy him. my tits were pressed against the seat as he pounded me from behind. he caressed my ass and slapped it as he went in and out. he then pulled out of me and began shooting his load all over my ass. it felt so warm as it ran down my legs. without cleaning me up, he pulled up my panties and told me to sit down. i looked at him in amazement as he started the car and began to head home. he never uttered another word to me before leaving for college.

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