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Carole’s First

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: In the living room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My high school classmate, Jim, and I were studying high-school plane geometry at my home one Friday evening. He was a math whiz and I was just hanging onto a ôCö grade so I needed his help. Mom and Dad had left for several hours to attend a church function. Jim and I were all alone in the house.

After an hour of studying, I wanted to take a break. Jim wanted to finish the remaining problems for MondayÆs homework before taking a break. I grabbed his pencil and ran. He chased me. He caught me in the darkened living room where we wrestled for the pencil. I tried to overcome his strength by tickling him. He tickled back. We fell to the floor laughing but still wrestling for the pencil. I was face down on the rug clutching the pencil to my chest with both hands. Jim flipped me over on my back and lay on top of me to keep me from turning.

I threw my legs around his waist to give him a leg-scissors. He pushed forward and kept tickling me. I squirmed underneath him and felt that we had contact, groin-to-groin. Although we both had on our jeans, I sensed his penis getting hard and rubbing me in just in the right spot. I was getting turned on. He kissed me once on the lips very sweetly, then repeatedly. I kissed him back. The wrestling stopped. The gyrating did not. We were dry-humping each other. It was fantastic. As I rolled my crotch against, I lubricated profusely and soaked my panties. I could feel my lubricant running down the crack of my butt. We continued to dry hump one another. The button on his ôraisedö Levis fly massaged my clitoris, and drove me wild.

I had an orgasm. It was a big one; best ever. My face became hot, my body tensed from my head to my toes, my nipples tingled, and my entire pelvic region constricted with ecstasy. I screamed an ôOhhh!ö right into JimÆs mouth as I came.

He asked, ôYou OK?ö

I answered, ôYes, IÆm OK. I just ôdidö it. I couldnÆt help screaming.ö That further excited him. As he told me later, he was not sure that girls could do that.

Jim and I rolled over with me on top, still kissing in the afterglow. He lifted me to a standing position, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled off my jeans and panties in one smooth motion. In the dim light of the living room, we both could see that I had saturated my panties, which embarrassed me a little. Strangely, the notion that I was standing naked from the waist down in front of Jim did not embarrass me. Jim stood, unbuttoned and stepped out of his jeans and underwear. When his Jockey underwear cleared his ôpenis,ö it sprang up and actually slapped his stomach. Although the light was dim, I still could easily make out how big his penis looked. I could also see his sack of balls hanging down û vivid memories even to this day.

We returned to the floor with me at his side. We kissed for a while and I got on top of him again. He reached underneath my blouse and, after several failed attempts, unfastened my bra. He took my breasts, one in each hand and very gently felt them and rolled the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Rolling my nipples sent a wonderful sensation to my clitoris and vagina. I liked that a lot and told him so. I was still excited from our prior dry-humping episode. The kneading and squeezing of my boobs rekindled the flames and it was getting me hotter and hotter. I wanted more.

JimÆs penis was between my opened legs as I straddled him. I think he was trying to put it in me, but he kept missing the mark. He kept jabbing my leg with the sticky thing. Finally, I took control. I reached down between us, grabbed his penis, guided the head entry of my vagina and slid down his body to put it into me. He was BIG. It wouldnÆt go. Both of us had to push to get it into me. It entered with a distinct ôpopö sound. Slowly, ever so slowly, he eased his big penis into me until he hit bottom. I helped by rolling my pelvis to the best angle for him to penetrate me. Shivers went though my body. I felt so filled. Surprisingly, I sensed no pain or discomfort that a girl is supposed to have on her first time. à And this definitely was my first time! It all felt great from the very beginning.

We lay still at first, coupled but not moving. We kissed passionately. I made a natural motion rolling my pelvis to make contact with my clitoris, and in doing so, stroked his penis in and out of my vagina. Jim took his hands and rolled my nipples while I rolled my clitoris against him repeatedly. I had another orgasm. This one was even better than the dry-hump. Again, I was very vocal. Jim sensed what was happening and shoved his penis all the way to my cervix. An increased orgasmic wave went shivering though my body. This time I screamed his name as he pushed hard into me.

ôMineÆs here, Carole!ö Jim exclaimed to me. With that, he slammed his penis deep inside of me, held my ass tight against him and ejaculated his sperm deep into my vagina û accompanied by a vocal series of guttural noises, most of which were indistinguishable except for one, clear ôOh, fuck!ö

We stayed coupled, breathing hard, and enjoying something new and wonderful in our lives. I asked Jim, ôIs it always this good?ö

Damned if I know,ö he answered. ôThis was my first time too!ö

I said, ôMaybe weÆll know tomorrow night. We still havenÆt finished MondayÆs geometry problems you know. Oh, by the way, you can have your pencil back now.ö

EPILOGUE: I received an ôAö in geometry that semester.

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