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caroline 2

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

When I started school i met a new girl in my class named donna she was quite nice and we became friends fast, i invited donna to stay over one night and when we were in bed i brought out a playgirl i had managed to get when i was at my uncles we read some stories and laughed and joked a bit then we decided we better get some sleep,after when we were going to sleep i knew i wanted to masterbate but was not sure what donna would feel about it i hhad masterbated almost every day from from the day i learned how and did not want tonight to be any different so i lay there pretending to sleep and thought i would do it as soon as i knew donna was aseep as i lay there i suddenly heard donna moan slightly i listened more close and i could tell she was masterbating and even getting ready to cum i thought,

i whispered it feels pretty good dont it, she froze i thought she was going to wet my bed i said hey dont worry i do it as often as i can my self from then on we became even closer she told me how she had learned to masterbate from seeing her older sister do it once, and that she to had tried to involve a friend but her friend thought she was wierd and would not hang out with her anymore so she said she was glad they had moved to our town when school was out in the summer,donna and i really got into masterbating together and were quite comfortable being naked together i was a red head and had a nice little red bush of peach fuzz between my legs and fairly small breasts, donna was black haired and had what i thought to be a lot of hair on her pussy but it looked really nice her breasts were not much bigger then mine butseemed to be rounder while mine were more pointed, lots of times we would wear dresses at my house with no panties underneath and when we had a chance we would masturbate and let the other watch i remember on one occation when she was mastubating and letting me watch she was describing how she was thinking about pete a real hunk in our class iseen her fingering and rubbing herself and i could accually see her pussy moving and see her juice running out of her pussy and making her bum hole wet that was the first time i had an orgasm without touching myself i told her and she said she had just about done the same watching me,one day when we were at my house we were doing it on my bed i had my head at the foot of the bed with just a tee shirt on donna had her shirt on and her shorts and panties off one leg and just down below her knee on the other with a pillow under her bum to hold her pussy up higher this she said was one her favorite positions,(mine was still the way i had came the first time kneeling on my knees and masturbating with both hands), anyway here we are on the bed when suddenly the door opens and there is my mom with donnas cunt almost pointing right at her face as donna is getting ready to come, my mom turned red and was about to leave the room when instead she closed the door as donna and i were scrambling to cover up my mom sat down on a chair in the room and said well i was going to ask you girls if you wanted to watch a moivie with the rest of us but i see you are entertaining yourselves she said listen i am not mad she said but there is one thing i need to know,she looked at us but i could hardly look at her face she said you are not touching each other are you we both said no at the same time good she said im not sure i would know how to handle that,anyway she eaid there is no harm in this and i think it is a real need at times i blurted out mom please but she shushed me and said what do you think i do when your dad is away(my dad is a long distance truck driver)she said i was always afraid that you might walk in and catch me she said from now on i think we should knock on each others doors be fore entering ok we agreed and she said when she was leaving the room i think you two are lucky to have a friend to do it with and she laughed and said maybe we could do it together some time, my mouth dropped and she laughed and said just kidding we wont talk about this anymore but dont it let you two stop doing it together,

my mother never mentioned it again donna and i did keep doing it together right up untill we got married we even did it once shortly after we got marrid and it was a real turn on for both of us my husband and i had to move to get work in another part of canada but we arrange to have overnight shopping trips together once we talked about the idea of doing each other but decided we were not into that, but who knows we love to watch each other masturbate and donna is quite pretty i know when we are nn bed together i can smell her pussy but as of yet we havent but if we do i will let you all know. watch for my next story caroline and cousin part 2.

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