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Carrie’s Mom

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Girlfriend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My girlfriend and I had the some classes together and we used to study together late at night. My girlfriend’s name is carrie and she is a knockout. She is 5’7 115 with beautiful breasts (medium size) and an ass to die for. We had fooled around but as far as it had gotten was a couple of 69s.
One night we were up late studying and fell asleep. I awoke and checked my watch and it was 1:00 am. I was supposed to leave at midnight. As I quietly got my books together I heard my girlfriend’s mother moaning in her bedroom. She was really being loud and it wast turning me on. I had secretly fantasized about my girlfriend’s mother who had a body just like her daughter, but with bigger breasts. I crept to the hall bathroom which was by her bedroom door so I could hear here better. She was really moaning and oohhhing and awwwwwhing now and I started to stroke my hard-on. It didn’t take me long to jack off and cum with her voice moaning like that. After I was done I went back to get my books and go home. As I was making my way to the door I had to cross the hallway and when I did my girlfriend’s mother was walking down the hallway. I was caught and it was past midnight. I said I was sorry and we fell asleep studying for a test. She was wearing a blue robe and that wasn’t fully closed and tied, thus I could see some great cleavage. She asked me into the kitchen to talk about her daughter. She asked me I loved her daughter, I said yes. She then asked if we ever had sex, and i said no and that I respected her too much. I was trying to impress her. She then asked how long I was up and I studdered and stammered and said I just woke up before I saw her in the hallway. She said ‘liar’ you were fully awake. I couln’t help but smile and blush. She caught me looking at her cleavage and tightened her robe.
Then I caught her looking at my crotch and then felt embarased because I knew I was hard and it showed. She then said ‘did I do that’? referring to me hard-on. I said well yes, but I didn’t mean too. She said that’s cute and then walked over to me. I backed into a wall, feeling scared but turned-on. She then started to rub my cock through my pants and felt the wet tip. I then told her I had masturbated to her moaning. She then ushered me into her bedroom and started to slowly open her robe. I said what if carrie found out? She then said, carrie would probably be hurt and I can leave if I wanted to. I stood there looking at her beautiful 36C breasts and the door. It wasn’t a hard choice. I started to suck on her breasts and opened up her robe even more. I had one breast in my mouth and her ass and pussy in my hands. She was so wet and started to gyrate her hips on my hands inside her pussy. She then pushed my mouth off her breasts and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off. She pulled down my boxers and started to slowly suck on my cock. I stepped out of my boxers as she slid my cock all around her mouth. I started to pump my cock into her mouth just like I would do to her daughter. She suck my cock better than her daughter and I told her that and she started to suck harder. I told her to lie down on her back so we can 69. I got to her pussy and started circling her clit with my tongue. By now I was pumping her mouth with my dick and tongue-fucking her pussy. I then pulled out of her mouth and positioned myself over her to stick it in her pussy. I slid it in easily and started to fuck her. I thought how nice this was fucking a 39 year old woman. Her cunt felt so warm and nice I pumped her long and hard. She told me to turn her over and fuck her doggy-style. I can still remember fucking her from behind and watching my dick go in and out of her cunt and watching her ass cheeks bounce as I pumped her. We fucked untile 3:30 in the morning and I came four times, once in her mouth!
After fucking she said that she knew better and shouldn’t have done this and we were bad. I said yes, but it was fun and I want to do it again sometime. She said no, and then maybe she will think about it. I told her that after this experience I was going to want to have sex a lot now and maybe carrie would too. She said if that happens then we can never have sex again.
I left thinking, man what a spot I am in. Either have sex with carrie or have sex with her mother!!!!

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