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Cathy F

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: home on the couch
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was only 14 but with 4 brothers I was well informed about what a girl wants out of sex. My girlfriend at the time was only 13, she was very passionate when we kissed and really would dry hump anytime anywhere. She knew what she wanted… not sure about when she wanted it though.
As tall as I was and with a very hard body all the way to her toes. Very tomboyish when she was younger, she was a little competitive about most anything we did together. I had recently moved to this area and was not familiar with her background, I did not know she did not like boys too much. Cathy was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Blond, blue eyes, nice tits, great body! What a pretty thing she was and she had a great sense of humor too, that always makes for a great time. She was the spitting image of Debbie Reynolds in her younger days, I was so smitten with her beauty I could not bear to be away from her.
We became close over the summer and I spent every spare second with her, I nearly wore out three bicycles getting over to her house. She was the sweetest girl, very attentive and affectionate and she loved the way I spoiled her. We would play touch football in her front yard and I would grab her and fall down with her “accidentally” landing on top of me nearly every time, every chance I got it was a thrill just to touch her. We became more than friends and one day I just kissed her. She was very surprized but liked it and wanted to do it again.
We finally got past the awkward stages of young adulthood and became seriously in love. (I still miss her and wish I could taste that sweet pussy again) after several weak attempts at getting into her pants we cut school one day and went back to my house where we started fooling around on the couch. One thing led to another and I got her panties off. We were kind of crazy about each other and could hug and kiss and grope for hours but this had gotten a little bit past where we had been before. I sucked her firm tits and kissed her neck, licking her flat stomach and kissing her lightly on the mound of her pussy. Ahhh that smell was so intoxicating, I could not get enough of her smell. (I think I was a lesbian in my last life) I ate on her pussy for a while and got her all wet. She was panting like a dog, trembling with lust and anticipation, humping her pouty pussy all over my face, gripping her pussy lips and spreading it wide for my tongue. She humped her ass high into the air and I licked and probed her tight ass. Licking all around it and sticking my tongue up her ass until she pulled it away only to replace it with her clit. I slipped a finger up her ass and rubbed her Gspot through the walls of her sopping wet pussy. She pinched her hard nipples and ground back against my finger in her ass and my thumb on her big clit… she wanted something more….
I crawled up and rubbed my dick on her pussy lips spreading our juices all over the head of my nearly bursting dick. Working the head into her as far as I could I slowly worked past her hymen and fucked my first piece of her hot cunt. It was like a vise but hot and wet gripping my pussy like never before. I was in heaven and stroked her hard until I came. She was loving it all. Grunting and moaning and humping her hot snatch up against my belly. A little blood from all the effort but not really bad. It was less than stellar for her because she did not come, but she was so happy and loved every bit of it.
We were together for several (6) years and fucked every where we could, lots of times we fucked in her living room while her parents watched TV on the other side of the wall. Some nights she wouldn’t let me touch her because I could make her fuck any time I wanted, she was so hot for it all the time. If she wouldn’t let me fuck her I would make her go into the bathroom and get her fingers wet with her hot pussy juice and bring them back for me to suck on. She would tremble as I licked the pussy juice from her fingers one by one, pinching and twisting her own nipples with her free hand while she watched. Sometimes if we were at a function such as a family reunion she would go to the bathroom and get her fingers all slimy and come back in the room and feed me something from the dinner table like barbeque chicken and I would jokingly lick the barbeque sauce from her delicious 14 year old fingers. On some occasions especially at a party, I would get her so wet telling her what I was going to do to her later she would go into the bathroom and masturbate until she came in her panties and then come out and tell me where her panties were hidden in the bathroom. I would go and find her sopping panties wherever she hid them and masturbate into them. She would go back in and lick my come off her panties and put them back on. When she came out she would give me a sweet little kiss with a taste of her pussy and my come mixed together. Needless to say when we fucked later it was always a toe curling, ball smacking, pussy stretching experience. She liked to give head and was slurping my dick one night in front of her house, when her Dad walked up to the car unexpectantly and from a couple of feet away asked if I could go and pick up her little brother. I held her head down on my dick as I talked to her Dad. She was gagging on it and I told him we had just had a little argument and she was still crying a little. He turned and walked away as I let a torrent of cum fly in her mouth. She was furious that I had done that but I was still cumming as she got out of the car slamming the door 🙂 Needless to say I had to pick up her brother by myself.
We had a threesome once and it was fun too. Her friend Donna was over one Saturday night and they were talking about sex. Cathy got worked up and called me on the phone to ask me over as her parents were going out of town and wouldn’t be back until Monday. I went over and they were still talking about sex when Cathy, with a sly smile on her face, asked Donna if she had ever had sex with another girl. Donna seemed embarrassed by the question especially since I was there, but she said she had not even had sex with a guy much less a girl. Cathy said she had had her tits licked by her older sister, Debbie, one time but that was when she was twelve and her nipples were just starting to develope and they were tender. It was not very enjoyable to her because of the tenderness. It never happened again. Donna said she would like to have her tits licked and asked Cathy if she could lick hers and see if she liked it now since they were not tender anymore. Cathy was surprized and I was about to bust my shorts with this conversation.
Donna was a little wild but I did not know she was bi too. Cathy stripped off her Tshirt and held up her tits for Donna to lick…”go for it” she said and Donna started licking and sucking like they were the last set made. Cathy was enjoying it and encouraged her by gripping her hair and pressing Donna’s face into her tits. I was about to shoot a load into my shorts from the sight. I moved over and started to rub Donna’s ass through her jeans and she just pressed back against me while attacking Cathy’s pert titties. Cathy had a wet spot on her jeans by now and Donna had gotten a scent of her pussy, she pushed Cathy back on the couch and buried her face in Cathy’s now humping crotch. Donna was a wild woman and chewed on Cathy’s crotch thru the blue jeans. Cathy gripped her nipples and humped Donna’s face, “eat me girl suck my pussy” was all Cathy could get out before the first orgasm caused her to buck Donna’s head off her crotch. Donna grabbed Cathy’s jeans and snatched them off, no underwear to bother with here, attacked her moist love nest with a passion I had not seen before. Cathy was incredibly turned on and reached for Donna’s tits. I pulled Donna’s clothes off of her and saw the first glimpse of her nearly hairless redhaired pussy. It was dripping long strings of pussy juice and she was shaking all over as she devoured Cathy’s pussy. I managed to get the rest of her clothes off before Cathy spun Donna around and attacked her pussy in a furious 69. They were stretching and licking and sucking, fingers in each others tight little asses and pussy juice flowing. I lost it and came in my pants as I was not naked yet. I sat back and watched as they brought each other to orgasm 2 times. They finally stopped and regained their composure. I was hard as a rock and ready for some of the same action from either one. I asked them who was going to be first and the looked at each other and smiled and told me I was going to fuck them both.
Cathy lay down and I got next to her and Donna crawled on top of Cathy and started to lick her tits again. I was kissing Cathy and the next thing I knew Donna was licking my nipples and jacking my dick with her hand, while fingering Cathy. I was being pulled towards Cathy by my dick as Donna angled it over to the mouth of Cathy’s pussy. Donna leaned over and ran her tongue into Cathy’s wet pussy and over the head of my dick. Donna then pushed my ass into Cathy’s crotch causing my dick to slde into her. Donna moved lower and spread the cheeks of my ass and licked my tight ass hole. It was heaven, pussy clenching my dick and a hot tongue in my ass. I thrust into Cathy 20-30 times and lost a big load into her pussy all the while Donna is licking my ass.
Donna claimed it was her turn and swapped places with Cathy. Cathy licked her pussy and played with Donna’s pussy with a vibrator for a while. It seems they had done this before and were keeping it a secret from me. Donna came on her face and they told me it was time for me to fuck Donna. I climbed on top and placed my dick on her belly, Cathy leaned over and drooled some spit on my dick and placed it at the entrance to Donna’s pussy. Donna wiggled around and seemed to be very nervous but excited. Cathy reached down to Donna’s ass and tickled her asshole with her finger which caused Donna to wiggle her ass more. Cathy caught some pussy juice with her finger and rubbed it on Donna’s asshole. She slowly slipped the tip of her finger in her ass then quickly was all the way in and digging around in her ass causing Donna to force my dick into her tight pussy. It went in about an inch and I could feel Cathy’s fingers thrashing her ass through the skin of her pussy. Cathy shoved hard on my ass and forced the rest of my dick in her at the same time she forced another finger into Donna’s asshole. I was pounding away at her when I felt a vibrator probing my ass hole. It was Cathy, she had moved behind me and was vibrating my ass with the vibrator. It felt a little wierd at first but she kept working it in circles around my ass and pushing in a little at a time. She would remove it and replace it with her tongue and slip a finger in to lube it up. Licking my ass as I pounded into Donnas tight hot pussy, I could feel Cathy’s other hand’s fingers working on Donna’s stretched asshole. Cathy moved up closer behind me and Donna was now pinching my nipples while Cathy was pressing the vibrator into my ass. I was humping Donna and my ass was now humping the vibrator. It was starting to feel good and the stretching of my ass was almost complete. Cathy lowered herself down and reached under me and was fondling my balls as she drooled spit onto the vibrator while fucking into my ass. I was in a frenzy, tight pussy, vibrating asshole and nipples now being sucked by Donna as Cathy played with my balls and fucked my ass with the vibrator. Cathy grabbed my hips and worked the entire 10″ vibrator into my ass, plunging it in rythym to my sawing of Donna’s snatch. It was incredible to have a nearly hairless red haired pussy to fuck and a beautiful girl having her way with my ass too. I reached my limit and Cathy pulled the vibrator from my ass as I pulled my dick from Donna’s pussy. The first volley of cum went clear over her head and hit the wall, the rest landed on her tits, face, and stomach. We repeated this scenario a number of times and Donna has even fucked my ass as well as Cathy’s with her strap-on dildo. Donna is a very talented fuck too but no space for it all here.
We were so in love and it lasted until I joined the Navy and she found someone else to entertain her newfound (maybe Donna was taking care of her too good) sexiness. What a goddess, I can still see her pouty pussy with the throbbing clit peeking at me from her blonde fur, warming my face as I am about to eat her sweet beads of love nectar……… Cathy you were the best! Donna you’re no slouch either….

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