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Cathy & Randy at the Beach

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Beach house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Mine and my boyfriend Randy’s first time making love was a very special and romantic experience. We had planned it for almost two months, and when it happened it was worth all the time that went into preparing for the event.

Randy’s family had a house at the beach. Both of our families are fortunately fairly well off. When school ended in June, his parents left for Europe for a couple of weeks. Since he was 15, they felt he was old enough to stay alone at the beach house. Plus, the older couple who lived next door said they would look after him. They really liked Randy and treated him like a grandson.

Unfortunately, I had to bend the truth a bit with my parents. I said that I was going camping with my best friend Beth and her family. Beth was old enough to drive and she picked me up at my house. They were going camping but I wasn’t going with them. Beth drove me out to the beach house.

I got there about noon on a Tuesday. Randy had already been there for a couple of days. We had been talking to each other a lot on the phone making plans and we were both excited about what was going to happen. When Randy opened the door, he was wearing only his swim trunks. He had been sitting out on the beach and already had a nice dark tan that looked great with his shaggy blonde hair. He was wearing the gold necklace that I had given him for his birthday and it sparkled against his smooth brown chest. From the moment I saw him I was already excited. We closed the door and immediately embraced each other and began to kiss. I was wearing a buttoned blouse with no bra and immediately unbuttoned it while we were hugging. My nipples were hard as I pressed them against Randy’s bare chest. I could also feel his nipples against my soft skin. We continued to savor the moment as our tongues were entwined. Randy put his hand against my lower back and pushed me against him. I could clearly feel his penis against my groin. I also could feel that my panties were already soaked. I reached my hands behind his back and pulled his swim trunks down until they fell to the floor around his legs. I dropped to my knees in front of his nude body and took his shaft, which was also dripping, into my mouth. His blonde pubic hair was soft on my face. I sucked him but I really didn’t want him to cum right away. I wanted to save his first ejaculation for my vagina. So I left his penis and licked his balls and the soft white skin of his inner thighs that contrasted with his dark tanned legs and chest. I stood up and he immediately leaned over and started sucking on my breasts. Randy’s tongue was sending shivers all through my body. I loved it. He went down further and unbuttoned my short shorts. He removed them along with my panties with one pull. Then he plunged his face into my wet bush. His tongue, which had been so gentle on my tits, now entered my vagina and found my clitoris. This feeling was beyond belief. I reached orgasm quickly and saturated his lips and mouth. I was dripping down my legs and felt great.

Randy stood up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I enjoyed looking at his smooth white buttocks that stood out between his brown back and legs. His penis was straining at its full eight inches. We laid down on the bed and he went again for my breasts. He sucked one nipple, fingered the other one and put the finger of his other hand into my vagina. Randy was stimulating me simultaneously on three spots while I was rubbing my hand on his slippery penis. I said “Randy I’m ready” and he said “so am I!” Part of my planning was to get on the pill so we were able to fuck bare the way nature intended it. Randy got on top of me and entered me gently. I had broken my hymen while masturbating, so there was no pain, only pleasure involved. And what pleasure it was! Randy’s bare teenage penis was stimulating every nerve inside my totally wet vagina. He was sliding effortlessly in and out of me and I could see in his eyes that he was enjoying it as much as I was. We rocked slowly for minutes as we were savoring our first ever fuck. I tightened my legs around him and he gasped in pleasure. So did I. I was scratching his back as he continued to thrust that eight inches deep inside of me. His chest was right over my face so I raised my head up and began to lick it. I started to suck his nipples as he had done to mine and he began to moan and breathe heavily. He increased his tempo, and I could feel and hear his balls slapping against me each time he pushed in all the way. I felt his chest heave against my face as he yelled out “Oh fuck, Cathy I’m cumming.” Then I could feel his warm thick fluid shoot into my vagina. His hair was falling in his eyes as he moaned and smiled at the same time while he continued to ejaculate. Just looking at the pleasure he was enjoying pushed me to another violent orgasm. We were both spewing love juices from our genitals. Finally, when the fuck was over, we just held each other, still joined together, savoring the moment and the oneness we felt together. It was then that I realized how much that I loved Randy, and that although we were only 15, I knew we’d probably be together forever.

Our marathon of teenage sex lasted for three days. Our routine was to go out and lie in the sun a while, come inside and make love, then swim or sunbathe again. We continued this routine over and over until I had to leave. At night we tried to catch some sleep around our love making sessions. It’s amazing how horny a couple of 15 year olds can be! When we got sore we would stop for a while, but it was hard to resist each other. Our most daring fuck was when we went out on the beach at three in the morning and did it on a blanket in the sand by the water’s edge. Afterwards we rinsed off nude in the cool ocean water. Each time we made love it was with complete adolescent passion. All our planning paid off in a big way.

Randy and I got married right after we graduated from high school. We have two wonderful kids and we still enjoy a passionate sex life. I know most teenage sex stories aren’t this perfect. I’m glad mine and Randy’s was.

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