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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: School
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was sitting in class after finishing my final exam. Most of the class was still writing, but I have always been a fast test taker. I was sitting there staring at this girl named Mary who was the hottest girl in the class. She was also done, and she was just sitting there fidgeting. She was absent mindedly stroking the leg of her desk, running her hands slowly up and down. I couldn’t help but get hard at this, because it made me invision her jacking me off, which I had dreamt about many a time. As I kept watching her my dick got harder and harder, and just when it was as hard and big as it could get, my teacher said “Rick,” (that’s my name) “are you done with your test?” I was snapped out of my daydreaming. “Yes” I replied. “Then could you and Mary please take these books to the book room?” The books had all been collected before the test and put in a big box to turn in, as it was the last day of school. I reluctantly agreed to do it, though I was going to have a hard time concealing my hard-on as I stood up. She stood up and walked to the box, and just watching her walk made me even harder. Here goes nothing, I thought as I kind of half stood up and hustled over to the box. I don’t think anybody saw as they were still hard at work, but now I was standing right across from Mary and I’m sure as I picked up the box and brought it up she noticed, because I could see her looking at it. I blushed and hurriedly brought the box to my dick and tried to conceal it with the box. “Thats was a hard test, don’t you think?” she said, and the way she put the accent on the word hard made me blush even more. I just nodded and kept walking. We finally got to the book room a minute later. The door was a huge metal door. The inside was nice and carpeted and everything, with a bug cushy chair, but the door was a big metal one. She was in front so she tried to open the door whle I held the box (still trying to conceal my boner, as the whole time we were walking I was watching her big tits bounce under her shirt. I wasn’t gonna get caught doing it cuz she was walking backwrds and looking behind her). She couldn’t get the door open though. She knocked, but nobody was inside. “could you get the door?” she said. “I can’t seem to get it.” As soon as I lowered the box just down past my crotch my dick was freed from being pressed down by the box and it popped up. It was very noticable, and there was no way she didn’t see it. I gave a little nervous laugh and she smiled. I opened the door and stood there holding it for her and my wood was in plain sight, it was barely restricted because I hadn’t worn any underwear that day (I do my own laundry). As she walked into the room she brushed into it with her tight little ass. It couldn’t have been a mistake. After that it was sticking straight out. I left the door to help her with the box. She was just staring at my dick, and this just made me extremely horny. As I left the door it slammed just behind me. I looked back and saw that there was no handle on the inside. Damn cheap school. We tried just pushing it open, but it wouldn’t budge. As we were pushing, though, she was in front and I was behind as I am a lot taller than her and my arms were kind of around her, pushingthe door. Then she did something I really wasn’t expecting: she leaned back into me and rubbed her ass into my rock hard dick. “I hope this is for me,” she said as she turned around and started rubbing my cock through my pants. “Oh, it is” I said, then I started kissing her. She shoved me back so I fell right into the big black chair. Then she started walking towards me, unbuttoning her shirt as she came. I undid my pants and my dick just burst out, finally free. She stopped and staired at it for a second, then she through of her shirt and stuck her face between my knees. I moaned as she began sucking my dick. She took off her bra as she sucked. She was good at it. Her head bobbed yp and down as she took my entire length into her mouth. The saliva dripped onto my balls. I was just about ready to cum when she took her mouth off my dick. I was shaking with pleasure, and I was ready to cum. Then she moved up and started kissing me. She pulled me off the chair and lay down on the ground. “Titty-fuck me” She said. I was still shaking and I knelt on the ground, straddling her, and sat on her abdomen. Her tits were huge, but my cock is about 7 1/2 inches, and it came all the way through them and then some. I put my cock in between her huge breasts and started humping back and forth. She put her hands on her tits and pressed them together, making it feel much better for me She leaned her head up as far as possible and started licking my head. I was already ready, and within seconds of this I released a huge wad of cum all over her face, and still kept going. It came out more and more. I had masturbated many times before and never had I come a fraction of this amount. I pulled my dick out of her tits and started licking her face, drinking my own cum. As I did this I pulled her skirt off and felt her pussy through her panties which were soaking wet. I took them off and put my dick into her. It was the greatest feeling of my life. Almost right as I did that she let out a huge moan and came all over the place. It dripped off of my dick as I plunged it in and out of her. This made it feel so much better and there was a squishing sound every time I humped her because my dick was already soaking wet with her saliva and my cum, and her pussy was already so wet, and now she came so much and it was just dripping now. I felt up her tits which were covered in my cum, and I continued to lick the rest of it off her face. I just kept fucking her. Then I had an orgasm ten times bigger than the first one. I had to clench my teeth it was so powerful, and cum just burst out of my cock in immense proportions. I didn;t even know I had that much in me, but it l came out She had another orgasm right as I did. She screamed out again. Her pussy overflowed wth all those fluids in additoion to my dick and cum just went everywhere. I was still wearing my shirt and it was drenched through with cum. The carpet below us was soaked as well. I didn;t stop fucking her though. I didn’t ever want to stop. I just kept going and I had yetanother orgasm, as did she. I finally pulled out cuz I didn’t want to pump all the sperm I had into her. She looked at my shirt and laughed. “I hope you have another shirt to wear,” she said. I did, but it was downstairs in my gym locker. It would be hard to get there without anyone seeing me. Just then, the door opened. As it was pulled open, I could hear my teacher saying “Are you guys ok in there? The next exam has started already” The door came all the way open and he saw us. Mary was on the floor spread eagle and naked, and I was kneeling between her legs with no pants on and my dick was still hard as rock. And to top it all off we were both soaking wet with cum and sweat. All three of us just froze. You can’t have a more awkward moment then that. Eventually my teacher just turned and left. Me and Mary put our clothes back on and went downstairs to get my other shirt. I put it on and as we went back to the classroom to get our stuff my teacher and the principal were there. It was still awkward. The principal asked us to explain what happened. There was really nothing we could say, so we said nothing. “The I will assume the worst” he said. Me and Mary just nodded. We went and took our other exam but we both failed it because we had other things on our minds. The school called our parents and told them. So now my parents think I’m a rapist and Mary’s parents think she’s a whore. But now we’re going out, but Mary doesn’t want to have sex cuz she has to earn her parents trust. She says before that day she had never gotten off and she had never seen a dick, but I don’t see how that’s possible cuz she was so damn good at it.

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