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Where it happened: my bed room
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

On stormy night I was in my room fingering myself I was pretty close to orgasm when the door open. I was naked and i struggled to pull the covers over my but they were all tangled up. The intruder turned on the light and I realized it was Marc my brothers best friend. I always had a crush on him but her 0 and saw me as his friends kid sister. I wrapped my arms around my breasts and pulled my legs up to hide my pussy. He looked at me stunned. he didn’t move an inch and i was blushing so much. all of a sudden he walked over to the bed and bent down to kiss me. he slowly sat down and we started kissing deeply. he stuck his tongue in my moth and let it roam a bit.With the light on i could see that he was getting hard. he lay me down and started to kiss me breasts and lick and suck my nipples that were now very hard and erect.he let his hands roam one was cupping my right breast and the other one went down to my pussy. he flicked my clit with a finger and then pushed two fingers gently into me. He looked at me and said you’re a virgin?? well oviously i wanted to say but i just nodded and kissed him on his earlobe. I was sure i was going to cum now. My body started to shake and then i came. he went on my pussy licking up all my juices once in a while he would flick my clit with his tongue and let his tongue lick me asshole. it felt so good that a came again. he got up and asked me if i would suck on his dick i said sure. i took off his shirt and then his jeans. I could now see his dick standing up and looking as though they were going to burst through his boxers. he had a big dick. after a while of sucking on him he asked if i wanted to have sex with him. since i had a crush on him and said yeah instantly. he lay on top of me and with one hand guided his huge member to my virgin hole. he pushed the head in slowly and then withdrew and asked if it hurt. it did but i said no, i was afraid he’d stop. but i did tell him to go slow. he stuck the head of it into place and then began pumping slowly. it hurt and then i felt a pain go through my whole body but it quickly subsided. i began to feel pleasure as he pumped his big dick in and out of me. i started to rub my clit trying to get the most pleasure possible. then he started to pump faster and hard i liked it I’M GONNA CUM he whispered with those words i felt orgasm building up in me. I felt his cum splurting out into me with full force. he knew i hadn’t cum yet so he still pumped me. i could feel it in me. then i finally came with a scream of pleasure OH GOD MARC!!!!!!!!! We’re still together and have fucked many times after that. a month after i lost my virginity i missed my peroid,found out i was pregnent and had an abortion asap.

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