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caught stepmom doing it

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I wasn’t a virgin. But my first time isn’t anything enybody would want to read about. But I hadn’t seen anybody else do it. You know, I had seen guys feeling up a girl, and stuff. But I had never seen actual fucking in person. Until one day when I came home from my part time job and found the house empty. I laid on my bed and watched some TV then fell asleep. Later on I heard laughing and stuff down the hall, I recognized my step-mom’s voice and kind of grimaced. Yeah, I liked her alright. She was a good looking mid-thirties bleach blond with a nice figure, but she treated me like a kid and talked down to me and stuff. So I kinda resented her. I didn’t open my door and just laid there watching the TV. Then I heard a guy’s voice and kinda wondered about it. In a few minutes curiosity got me off the bed. I opened the door and looked down the hall. The laughing was coming from the family room. I shruged and went to see what was up. What was up was about nine inches of dick and my step-mom bent over it sucking for all she was worth. They didn’t see me and I backed up the stairs in a heartbeat. I noticed my hands sweating and my heart pounding in my ears. But in a second I got control of myself and did something I hadn’t done since I was a little kid. I laid down on the floor at the top of the stairs where you could see into the family room and spy on the adults after I had been sent upstairs at night. I had a great view of them on the couch. He rubbing and sucking and making over his wang like she was a pro. It didn’t take long for my position flat on the floor to get uncomfortable, but I didn’t move a muscle. The guy grabbed my step-moms hair in both hands and growled, shoving her head down on his meat as he pumped her throat full. She didn’t spill a drop. In a minute she smiled at him and pulled down her jeans. “My Turn.” She said with a smile. She just sat on the coffee table and leaned back. I had a good look at her cunt until his head got in my way. He ate for all he was worth. She laid down and closed her eyes, once in awhile stroking his head or squeezing her own tit. She seemed to have an orgasim because she tensed for a second then smiled. He sat back and stroked his own dick which was about at half mast. He walked up to her on his knees and slid the shaft all the way in her in one stroke. I laid on the floor and watched mesmerized as he screwed her for a long time. Then he pulled out and sat back on the couch, she got up and sat on top of him facing him and they fucked that way for awhile. THen he pushed her off on him and turned her around to sit hands and knees on the coffee table and he poked her pussy from behind like that. Driving harder and harder into her until she was screaming and he was moaning. I couldn’t take any more. I had to go to my room and whack off. Which didn’t take long. After I cleaned up I opened my door slightly and listened. They were talking about her car. I said “Mom?” She didn’t reply right away. I opened my door all the way so it banged and went downstairs. The first thing I did was smile at her. She had gotten dressed huridly and her panties were still on the floor next to the coffee table. He hadn’t been able to get his pants all the way zipped. I didn’t notice and went to the kitchen I never did tell her what I had seen. But she was very generous from then on with money and letting me use her car and stuff. I did find out that dad knew about it. But he said she kept him satisfied and he realy didnt care. SO it worked out well all around.

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