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Cesar, The Preppy Thug

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My Backyard/Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was my sophomore year in High School. My hormones were insane. I really wasn’t sure about my sexuality, I was aroused by women yet I fantasized about men. But I always thought being bisexual wasn’t an option. But I made an exception, and kept it to myself, I didn’t want people thinking bad about me. We were great friends. I managed to control myself while I was around him. But, I always found myself watching Cesar’s every move. As he sharpened his pencils, I watched his hard arm muscles work. As he bended over to pick something up, I watched his tight pants hugging his nice bubble butt. As he sat, I watched him rearrange his “package” to his comfort. Basically, if he was doing something normal, I turned it into a sexual thought. I managed to watch enough for him not to get creeped out. Being that he was “straight,” yet always joked around with other guys, acting gay. I loved it. He was a bit short for my liking, around 5’7, but had rock hard abs to make up for it. I knew this because I often visited his Facebook page, where he would post pictures of his body. The fantasies I had. I was tall, 6 feet even, to be exact. He played soccer, and me and my girl friends would be at all the games. I closely watched his shorts for a bouncing bulge as he ran. He was pretty preppy, wore sweater vests, ties, collared shirts, khakis, but thug like at the same time, he also wore caps and woke Nikes, and Air Jordans. We were both sixteen at the time. Anyways, back to the story. It was the week of finals. My friends and I were all exhausted from staying up late studying and waking up early to make it to school. Monday through Thursday were finals. 2 tests per day. Friday was a regular school day. Me, and about 5 other friends, including Cesar, planned to skip school on that Friday, to blow of some steam. We were all up for hanging out at my place, since my parents worked from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, and I had an in ground pool. We were ecstatic to just skip school and hang out with close friends. When Friday came around, as usual, I woke my parents up at 6:00 am, they got ready for work and I got ready for “school.” They left at around 6:45 am. My parents trusted me enough to allow me to drive to school. So, I called Cesar up, since he lived the closest, and I picked him up. “What’s up, man?” I said, giving him a regular teens hand shake. “Nothin’ man, just pumped for today!” he said. “Hell yeah! I’m excited too!” His parents saw nothing wrong, since I usually drive him to school. He waved to his parents and then we drove off. I gave him my cellphone and told him to call Crystal, one of the girls who agreed to skip with us, as I drove toward her house which was about 5 or 10 minutes away. She bailed. “Call Sindy,” I said. She went to school. George, bailed. Martha, bailed. “This is crap! We all agreed and now none of them are here!” said Cesar. “I know, thats messed up. So what now? Its too late to go to school.” I said. “Lets just go to your house as planned, we’ll find something to do” he said. I grinned, only because those words ran a dirty thought trough my mind. “That’s a bet.” We were headed to my house. It was hot outside and as planned, we were gonna swim in the pool. When we arrived, he took off his pants to put on his swimming trunks, as usual, I was watching his every move as I also put on my trunks. He had boxer briefs on, just as I thought, and you could see his soft cock bulging in his briefs. I estimated it in my head to be around 6 inches soft. I was in awe. He then took off his shirt, this was the first time I had seen his abs in person. They were amazing. Although I was busy staring at him get ready, I finished putting on my trunks first. It seemed like he was going in slow motion like in movies. To bring some fun into the mood, I charged at him just as he tied his string on his trunks, and pushed him into the pool. He managed to pull me in. We played water basketball as we swam. Then some water soccer. Then marco polo. When it was his turn, and he put on a blindfold, I finally had time to admire his body without him noticing. He stayed at one place calling out “MARCO!” as if using strategy to try and hear me moving in the water. Suddenly, something came over me, and I went up to him, as he was calling “MARCO!” I hushed him, he got kind of scared because he didn’t expect me to be so close. I took off his soggy blindfold and game him a soft kiss on the lips. He was SHOCKED! But didn’t pull away. “I knew you liked guys!” he said. “If you knew, why did you let me kiss you?” I asked. “Ummmmmm…Nobody knows this, so you cant say anything, but I might be a little bi.” Then, he put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me towards his face, we started making out. I instantly got a boner. It started to poke him. He smiled as we kissed and continued to, his hand then came down and he stuck it into my trunks. He started tugging on my cock. He took off my shorts, and I did the same with him. “Lets go inside before my neighbors see us.” We both left the pool naked, and wrapped towels around our waists. Both of us were pitching tents under the towels. My adrenaline was rushing! I knew what would happen. We dried up and went into my room. I sat at the end of my bed as he came in between my legs and made out with me. He pushed me back to lay me down. He crawled onto the bed. Our cocks were touching. With one hand supporting himself, he used his other hand to grab our cocks, he jerked me and himself together at the same time with one hand. He then laid himself on me. I switched positions and laid him on the bed. I kissed him on the lips and slowly kissed his body down his abs to his penis. I put my soft lips on his rock hard cock and started to give him head. He was moaning loud. “DAMN you suck so good.” I stroked with one hand and sucked with my mouth. His hands were grabbing the sheets with great force and his toes curled, his body started jerking up and down. “Im gonna cum! Im gonna cum!” I pulled back, still stroking his cock, now with both hands. He blew his warm thick load all over my face and chest. He then turned me around and did the same to me, he pushed his face onto my cock, my pubes tickling his nose, HE WAS DEEP THROATING! I felt like I was going to burst! “im cumming!” I yelled. I expected him to pull back, but he let me cum in his mouth, then he swallowed my load! I was impressed. My first time getting head from a guy and he deep throats and swallows! We messed around for hours! Kissing, hugging, licking, grasping. After about a half hour, we were both hard again. “Fuck Me, Cesar. I want you to fuck me with all your power.” He was kind of shocked, but soon agreed to it. I unwrapped a condom, and pushed it onto his cock with my mouth and teeth. I got on all fours, and let him do whatever he wanted! He ate my ass out for a couple minutes and then sticks his finger into it slowly. It felt cold but pleasurable. I told him to get the lube from my drawer and he poured some on my ass and his cock. He slowly but forcefully pushed his cock into my ass. I moaned loudly. “FUCK ME CESAR! FUCK ME HARD!” Ive been wanting to say those words for quite a while! We fucked rough for about an hour and he was ready to bust again. I felt him thrust like the first time. He fucked me harder. Pulled out, quickly took off the condom, and then cummed onto my back. It felt AMAZING! Cesar wasn’t so ready to get fucked yet. Since the day that happened, we’ve met up on different occasions and messed around. Eventually around the third time we fucked, he let me fuck him too. We have the best of times together, although we both have girlfriends.

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