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Charlie isn’t gay…

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Age when it happend: twenty-seven
Where it happened: An adult bookstore
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Gay

I was in the process of getting a divorce and I wasn’t dating anyone special at the time. I was living in an apartment in a fashionable part of town and pretty much ‘playing the field.’ I was an eligible bachelor and I’d never had a homosexual experience.

One night on the way home from work, I stopped at an adult bookstore and bought a handful of tokens. I went to a booth and put a token in and I was watching a black man fucking a young white girl who was in a state of ecstasy. I couldn’t take it, my dick was so swollen that I felt like it was going to explode. I undid my slacks and dropped them to the floor and began to masturbate, furiously. From out of nowhere fingers appeared through a hole in the wall that I didn’t know was even there. These fingers beckoned to me. I didn’t know what they wanted, I wasn’t gay. But, I stuck my throbbing penis through the hole and gasped when a wet mouth swallowed my rock-hard cock. I hugged the wall as this mouth sucked my dick better than any girl ever had. Before I could stop or pull back, I felt a stirring in my testacles as my penis erutped with a thick load of sperm inside this strange mouth.

I began to stop at this bookstore several times a week and someone always motioned for me to put my dick through one of those holes. I began to leave my door unlocked because people had tried to open the door ever time I locked it. An older man came in and told me, “I had a beautiful dick and not to masturbate,” and then he kneeled and sucked my cock until I came in his mouth while my hands caressed his neck and shoulders. Then, one evening, a hard penis came through the hole in my booth. I didn’t know what to do, but I instinctively wrapped my hands around it. It was so hot and it seemed to throb in my hand. I wasn’t gay, you know, but I couldn’t resist licking the mushroom head of this large penis. It was so smooth, almost like vevet in its texture and I opened my mouth and took just the head of it within my mouth. It seemed like this penis was telling me what to do, it seemed to push further into my mouth. I began to run my tongue in circles around the tip of this penis, rapidly. This throbbing piece of man meat was too much and I backed away leaving its owner with a hard dick. I went back to my apartment and thought about what had happened to me.

I went back the next evening and when someone’s fingers came through the hole in the wall, I eagerly put my large dick in the hole. This guy sucked my dick better than anyone has ever done in my entire life. He was fantastic as he sucked me that I came almost immediately. I was still feeling my awesome orgasm when he stuck his large penis through our hole. I couldn’t just walk away after he’d given me such pleasure, but I wasn’t gay. But, I took his penis in my mouth and I was surprised that it felt so good. I realized that I liked the feeling of a hard dick in my mouth. I din’t have any experience, but I sucked it the same way that other guy’s had sucked my dick. When I tasted the first few salty drops of his pre-cum I stopped sucking his penis. On the way out of the bookstore, I heard a young man behind mutter under his breath, “cockteaser.”

The next night was a Friday night and I went to happy hour with the other salesmen. I guess I had a little too much to drink as I stopped at the bookstore. I saw an attractive young man go into a booth and I followed him in. I got on my knees and removed his penis from his jeans and took him into my mouth. I was ravenous, I wanted it and I sucked it as if I was hungry. He became so hard, so quickly until he was deep within my throat. I wanted to please this man as much as I’d ever wanted a woman. I wasn’t embarrassed when I choked on his cock as it hit the back of my throat. I barely remember him ejaculating within my mouth, but I do remember his hands holding the back of my head as my lips were buried against his stomach. After he came in my mouth he told me, “I was great and that it had felt wonderful.” He put his penis in his jeans while I was still on my knees. I turned around and sat down to watch the movie when another dick came through a hole. Without thinking, I opended my mouth and began to suck this hard dick. I did think that I was becoming better at sucking cocks. I masturbated as I sucked three more cocks that night. When I went home I thought about sucking dicks and my cock became hard. But, I didn’t think that I was gay, I just enjoyed sucking a hard dick. I still do!

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